The 10 most watched programmes on Max at the moment

The 10 most watched programmes on Max at the moment:This week, the 10 most watched shows on Max are the targets of the original Discovery series’ retaliation.

The majority of the shows on this list when it first began, six weeks ago, were those that were on loan from AMC+ through the end of October. The majority of Discovery’s reality programmes were absolutely barred from the top spots. The tide has changed now. The list now only includes six Discovery reality shows, including three different iterations of 90 Day Fiancé, and no longer includes any AMC programming.

The fact that Our Flag Means Death has risen to the top of this list is the lone consolation for HBO viewers. Furthermore, the animated series Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’s ongoing existence is noteworthy since it finished its run at the end of September. Beyond those programmes, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is the only HBO or Max-produced programme that is still on this list.5

10.The Other Way, 90 Day Fiancé (2019)

5th Season of TV-14, Reality

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Do you want to know what distinguishes 90 Day Fiancé from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way? The couples featured on this show have a brief romance in front of the cameras before the American partner (male or female) decides to travel to a foreign nation to live with the person they love. According to Warner Bros. Discovery, spinoffs like these are a part of the “90 Day Universe.” The crossovers in this common universe are already something we dread.

9.The 2010 film Sister Wives

TV-14 18 Season IMDB-4.4/10

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Sister Wives, the reality series about Kody Brown and his numerous wives Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, is another illustration of how far the TLC brand has fallen. Although Kody is technically only married to one wife at a time legally, he nevertheless practises polygamy. And TLC has managed to produce 19 seasons of this phoney reality show.

Big Love, a drama series on HBO about a polygamist family, was at least entertaining at the time! The same cannot be said of Sister Wives.

Welcome from Plathville (2019)

Show Art

Genre-Reality, IMDB-5.4/10, TV-PG 5 Season

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Has it ever been brought up that the cast of Welcome to Plathville seems like it may be a remake of Village of the Damned? If their eyes begin to shine, turn away immediately! This TLC “reality” show centres on Barry and Kim Plath, a couple of ultraconservative parents of nine kids, some of whom begin to rebel against their extremely tight restrictions and way of life.

2014’s 90 Day Fiancé

Genre-Reality, IMDB-6.4/10, TV-PG 10 Season

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Welcome to the main programme of the “90 Day Universe.” Couples on 90 Day Fiancé are made up of an American citizen and a foreign potential spouse who visits the nation. Following this, the couples have 90 days to get to know one another, fall in love, and get married; otherwise, one of the partners must return home. The name of this programme might be Project Green Card.

6.The 2023 episode of Adventure Time, Fionna & Cake

Cast of TV-14’s first season: Madeleine Martin, Roz Ryan, and Tom Kenny
Action and adventure, science fiction, and animation
Designed by Adam Muto

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Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, the latest spinoff miniseries from Adventure Time, not only continues the story from the first season but also takes Simon Petrikov (Tom Kenny), the former Ice King, in a new direction. Simon wrote about the exploits of Fionna (Madeleine Martin) and Cake the cat (Roz Ryan) back when he was a crazy ice immortal, not knowing that they were actual people living in a distant region of the multiverse.

Fionna and Cake are imprisoned in a world devoid of magic as this series begins, and Simon feels constrained by his life in the Land of Ooo. This strange trio is intended to work together, but they quickly learn that someone wants to completely forget about them.

5.The 2008 film Ghost Adventures

Cast members of the reality television show “Reality” include Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin.
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Ghost Adventures might be the right series for you if you’re seeking for a phoney reality programme about ghost hunters. This show has managed to survive for 26 seasons by attributing small technical difficulties and eerie sounds to ghosts. According to the synopsis of the programme, the crew “go face-to-face with the evil spirits who are reportedly haunting these locations.” The murder of Debby Constantino by her estranged husband, Mark Constantino (another former team member), who later committed suicide, is the most horrible aspect of this tale. True incident.

4.The Last Resort: 90 Day (2023)

Genre-Reality, TV-14 ,1 Season ,IMDB-6.5/10

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The Last Resort has the unfortunate distinction of being the first Discovery series to appear in Max’s current top 10. Would you believe that the network formerly known as The Learning Channel is the source of this programme? In this 90 Day Fiancé offshoot, five couples who have previously appeared go on a group couples retreat to resolve their marital problems in what may be the most unnatural manner imaginable. This programme may be the solution for those who struggle with insomnia.

3.the 2016 film Naked Attraction

Reality is the 11th season .

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On Max, the British dating programme Naked Attraction is gaining popularity. Why? Obviously because of the naked people. The premise of this series is that a man or woman can choose from a selection of members of the opposing sex by simply examining one area of their naked bodies at a time. The individual choosing their date will also have to strip off before making a final decision because turnabout is fair play. Even if it isn’t the deepest programme, it obviously has its own audience.

2.John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight (2014)

Genres: Talk, Comedy, News; TV: MA 10 Season;

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John Oliver has returned with fresh episodes of Last Week Tonight following the end of the writers’ strike. And that means there will be more exposes of the most absurd political stories from throughout the globe. As usual, Oliver’s main focus is the broken American political system, but there’s always room for criticism of the medical profession, the private prison business, and other issues that aren’t given enough attention on mainstream news programmes.

1.In 2022, Our Flag Means Death

Genre-Talk, Comedy, News, IMDB-7.8/10 2-MA 10 Season

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The fact that Our Flag Means Death is a primarily comic series about two pirates in love is not obvious from the title. However, it is, and the programme isn’t averse to going dark either. Following the events of season 1, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Taika Waititi) feels that Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), the love of his life, has deserted him. As a result, Blackbeard has adopted his inner villain and grown more harsh towards his crew.

While this is going on, Stede has realised his error and is desperate to see Ed again before his crew kills him in the name of Blackbeard. On the high seas, nothing is ever simple, but these pirates will reunite.

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