Apple intends to utilise the iPad mini as a HomePod display.

Apple intends to utilise the iPad mini as a HomePod display.:Rumour of another smart display

It is likely that Apple is considering releasing a smart display based on the HomePod speaker, and that display may very well end up being an iPad mini based on the volume of rumours and leaks we’ve seen about it.

After examining the tvOS 17.2 beta code, the 9to5Mac crew discovered something very intriguing: the programme has been modified to include functionality for the iPad mini 6, which Apple released back in 2021.

Considering that both the HomePod and the HomePod small operate on an altered version of tvOS, it is reasonable to assume that Apple is considering releasing a HomePod smart display that has a sizable screen connected.

The fact that there have been rumours about a HomePod plus iPad for over a year, originating from some of the most trustworthy Apple insiders in the industry, lends even more weight to the concept.

Formal aspects
Although Apple is testing the iPad mini as a HomePod attachment, it’s important to keep in mind that business plans and market conditions are subject to change, so there’s no certainty that we’ll see a product along these lines in the end.

We have also observed what appears to be a prototype HomePod with a tiny integrated display on top in recent days. It’s plausible that Apple is testing multiple form factors for their next-generation smart display.

Given that tvOS is already in use on the HomePod, it makes natural that it would be the operating system on this smart display. Smart home features would take front stage if early-year rumours are to be believed.

Apple might create a smart display that you can carry around or dock to a speaker, following in the footsteps of the Google Pixel Tablet and its dock. Alternatively, it might imitate the Amazon Echo Show 10 by include a rotating display. I’ll know in time.


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