Disha Parmar wants to return to work immediately after the birth of the baby! She said- ‘I don’t want a long break’

Disha Parmar opens up about how she managed to continue shooting during her pregnancy. The actress, from Bade Achhe Lagte Hain shared, “During the season of the show there were some cast changes and at that time I was already three months pregnant. I took a break then.”

The show eventually ended a months later giving Disha some time to rest again. She mentioned, “After the show wrapped up I had the opportunity to relax during my months of pregnancy. That’s why it was manageable for me to work while being pregnant.”

When asked about her plans for returning to work Disha expressed, “I haven’t thought about it yet. I don’t want to take an extended break. My goal is to recover and get back in shape within a year so that I can resume working.” She added with optimism “Lets see how things unfold.”

During an interview where Rahul and Disha discussed their relationship journey together Rahul shared his thoughts by saying, “The best part is that every aspect of our relationship has been incredible. From falling in love and getting married, to having a baby. It truly feels like Gods blessings upon us; it’s truly a gift.”

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