With simply a text instruction, Google Search’s generative AI can now generate visuals

Google Search’s generative AI can now generate visuals:As Microsoft begins testing its own image-generation tool on the AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google is playing Microsoft at its own game.

It works nearly identically like Bing Chat: you type a query into Google Search, and four photos appear shortly after. It’s special in that you may select a photo and enhance it by modifying the description to include more information. Google uses the scenario of requesting SGE to create “a photorealistic image of a capybara” preparing breakfast in the wild. The demonstration then demonstrates how to change particular details, such as the meal the animal is cooking—from bacon to hash browns—or the background—from trees to the sky.

According to the business, users may “see an option to create AI-generated images directly in Google Images,” so this functionality won’t be limited to Google Search alone. In that case, a button providing access to the engine will replace one of the image search results. The creation will appear in a separate sub-window and slide in from the right.

Google Search’s generative AI can now generate visuals:Limitations

This experiment has a few limitations. SGE has protections that will prevent content from being displayed that is against the company’s generative AI policy. This includes, but is not limited to, encouraging unlawful activity, disseminating false information, and producing any sexually explicit material that is not instructional or “artistic”. Every image that is produced will also have “metadata labelling” and a watermark showing that it was created by AI.

In the future, each piece of AI material will have its own About This Image caption, providing viewers with crucial context. It is obvious that Google does not wish to be the online provider of false information.

According to Google’s statement, this test is presently only accessible to American customers who have chosen to participate in the SGE programme and only in English. To use it, you must be at least 18 years old. The fact that not everyone will have access is left out. This includes ourselves, thus we’re unable to show you what we’ve made.

We have a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step directions on how to join SGE if you’re interested in participating in the programme. The process is quite simple. Simply register on the desktop or mobile versions of the Search Labs website.

Draught SGE

If you’re not great with words, you can request that SGE draw out draughts of letters or emails in addition to providing photographs. Google used the example of letting AI “write a note to a contractor asking for a quote” for home renovations. After it is finished, you may edit the draught in Google Docs or Gmail and give it your own style. Your data is safe, according to the business, because this particular information is protected to the same extent as everything else covered by Google Workspace.

SGE draughts are being released in English to American consumers, similar to the image generation. Although we inquired, there is no news on whether there are plans for a worldwide distribution.

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