A new trailer for the gorgeous Kingdom Hearts mobile game teases its release in 2024

A new trailer for the gorgeous Kingdom Hearts mobile game teases its release in 2024.

A brand-new trailer for the GPS-based action role-playing game Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link for iOS and Android has been released by Square Enix. Disney kingdoms and other well-known characters from the series are featured in the trailer.

If you’re not familiar, Square Enix, an organisation that created Final Fantasy, and Disney, the massive entertainment company, partnered to create the action role-playing game series Kingdom Hearts. When the first Kingdom Hearts was launched back in 2002, the game’s multiverse-hopping protagonist, Sora, travelled through settings that were influenced by Final Fantasy and Disney movies.

Despite the strange combination, the series has amassed a devoted following and produced more than a dozen sequels and spin-offs. The most recent game in this lengthy series is Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. Based on the teaser, it appears to be focusing more on the Final Fantasy aspect, showcasing a parade of stylishly attired individuals in imaginative, dramatic settings.

To the surprise of fans of the show, it appears that Missing Link will take place in Scala ad Caelum, a legendary city from the show that is rich in history, mystery, and intrigue.

Missing Link’s combat appear to be a condensed version of what is available in the main series, with a small twist, based on the trailer.

Missing Link’s protagonist appears to acquire spells and abilities by channelling the memories of well-known Disney characters, a mechanism that fits in perfectly with the overall tone of the series. Co-op features, where players may join groups of up to three to “gain various advantages such as challenging raid bosses together,” are also hinted to on the game’s website.

We are still unsure of how the GPS components affect the gameplay. The term “travel the world without stepping outside” is used throughout the trailer in a way that begs more questions than it answers. Nevertheless, the teaser implies that Pokémon Go will be more than just a Kingdom Hearts-themed game.

On the game’s official website, users can register for Missing Link’s closed beta test, though we are unable to make any more precise inferences about the title. November 29 is when the iOS beta test is scheduled to start, and January 2024 is when the Android beta test is scheduled to start.


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