Gozney Roccbox review:Pizza of restaurant quality at home or on the fly

Gozney Roccbox review:Pizza of restaurant quality at home or on the fly
Possibly the greatest portable pizza oven on the market

When it comes to entertaining at home or taking cooking on the go, the Roccbox is the best performing entry-level pizza oven. Although the insulation adds some weight, cooking is made simpler and faster, which results in much better pizza.


Fast heat time + Fast turnaround for consecutive pizza orders +restaurant standard
Heavy – Up to twelve-inch pizzas


The Gozney Roccbox is the ideal portable pizza oven if you’re the type of cook who gets excited when faced with a sourdough pizza recipe and who is enthralled with the quest of culinary innovation as demonstrated on programmes like Chef’s Table: Pizza or The Bear.

This is partly because the recipes on Gozney’s website tend to focus more on creating traditional-style Neapolitan, white-base, or experimental pizzas than on teaching people how to make a simple gammon and pineapple pie. It’s also partly because every design decision is made with the goal of producing the highest-quality pizza possible on a portable device.

The Gozney Roccbox weighs 44 pounds (20 kg), which makes it heavier than many of its rivals. However, the extra weight is utilised for insulation, which helps to retain heat so the oven can quickly bake a number of pizzas. It isn’t meant to cook bigger 14-inch pizzas or several pizzas at once, but if you prepare ahead of time, you can cook for a big crowd because it can hold enough heat to cook 12 inch pizzas one after the other without any downtime.

This extra insulation not only reduces the recharge time but also maintains a consistent cooking temperature, giving you greater control and predictability. If you bump the oven, you won’t burn yourself on the outside. The extra weight is more than offset by these two qualities.

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Even while the Gozney Roccbox appears to be more costly than some of its rivals, it actually offers very good value when you compare the price of gas attachments to other systems because it comes with one by default. Compared to trying to make wood-fired pizza, gas is more manageable because it is easier to operate and requires less effort to maintain temperature. For those who are just beginning to create pizza or for those who want to take the oven on the go, this makes it the ideal option.

For those who take their cuisine seriously, presentation is everything. If all the other features weren’t enough, I think the Gozney line of pizza ovens and Gozney accessories have the nicest looks of anything on the market. Although I think most people will find the more sombre grey, olive, or black alternatives more appealing, the Brad Leone Limited Edition that I was sent for this review is my favourite colour. Even so, the more colourful colouring goes well with the overall motif.

With the carry cover accessory, the Roccbox folds into a small, portable package that makes it a great tool for gourmet cooking on the go. Its basic gas temperature gauge is simple to use and has an integrated thermometer that shows the cooking stone’s temperature. Everything you need to prepare the ideal pizza at home or in the woods is included in the Roccbox.


$499 / £399.00 / AU$799 is the price.
Many accessories at fair prices
The Gozney website offers the Brad Leone Limited Edition, Tom Gozney Signature Edition, and Gozney Roccboxes for $499 / £399.00 / AU$799 each. Except for the Tom Gozney Signature Edition, the portable ovens have a bottle opener, a detachable gas burner and a pizza peel of professional calibre. Really, this is all you need to get started, but you may improve the quality of your pizza-making with a variety of accessories.

The Turning Peel ($65 / £49 / AU$89), the Roccbox Cover ($50 / £39.99 / AU$69), and the Mantel ($59 / £59 / AU$79) are a few of the necessities you might want to think about. These three will come in very handy when it comes to travelling with the gadget and turning pizzas for an even cook.

The Infrared Thermometer ($49 / £39 / AU$69) is the next set of accessories that are highly effective if you want to step it up. It allows you to see the temperature of each portion of the stone, as it can change by about 212ºF / 100ºC from the front entrance to the back. The Pizza Server ($49 / £39 / AU$59) is the ideal, lightweight, and tidy platform for presenting your creations, while the Pizza Rocker ($39 / £35 / AU$49) is great for quickly cutting pizza.

5 out of 5 for value

The greatest Gozney Roccbox prices of the day

Brad Leone Limited-Edition Gozney Roccbox Specifications
Maximum temperature: 950°F/500°C; size of pie: 12 inches
Dimensions: 41.3 x 53.1 x 47.3 cm / 16.3 x 21 x 18.6 in
Weight: 20 kg or 44 lbs.
Cooking time (back-to-back): 60 seconds
Ten minutes was the first heating time.
Materials: Safe-touch silicone jacket of commercial quality and 304 stainless steel
Baking stone: 19-millimeter cordierite
Foldable legs and a detachable gas hob make it portable.


Burner gas
Legs that fold up
incorporated thermometer
The Gozney brand has a dependable and aesthetically pleasing overall look that is difficult to resist. Naturally, having a show-stopper in your lineup like the opulent Dome oven helps, but the brand’s understated aesthetic is carried through to the Roccbox and even to the accessories that the business offers. However, the Roccbox’s ingenious design goes beyond its attractive appearance to include elements that really improve the oven’s functionality.

The Roccbox is especially small and convenient to store because to its collapsible legs and removable gas hob. Although some customers who are especially interested in on-the-go devices may be put off by the device’s weight compared to some portable pizza ovens, the extra weight is readily supported, and the extra effort required to move it pays off greatly in terms of efficiency and

The Roccbox has a gas hob built-in by default, which sets it apart from some other pizza ovens and will appeal to most do-it-yourself pizza makers. You don’t have to spend extra money on a new design if you decide to try your hand at making wood-fired pizza; you can purchase a Wood Burner attachment for $100, £100, or AU$199. Although I didn’t test the Gozney Wood Burner’s functioning for this review, I’m going to assume that the additional insulation will be quite helpful for experimenting with classic wood-fired flavours because managing the temperature in wood-fired ovens is a more difficult procedure.

The integrated thermometer, which allows you to consistently determine when the oven is ready to use, is the second important design element. This feature comes in especially handy if you want to travel light because it provides you with a trustworthy gauge to cook various items in one box. When cooking near other people or pets who might unintentionally bump the oven, the additional safety feature of the silicone jacket combined with the enhanced insulation makes the oven safe to touch.

You get everything you need to make delicious pizzas right out of the box thanks to the included Pizza Peel.

Five stars for design

Review of Gozney Rocbox: Performance
10-minute heat period; cooking temperature range: 750º–950ºF (400º–500ºC).
Cordierite stone floor, 19 mm
The oven has a 19mm cordierite stone floor that can reach 400º to 500ºC (750º to 950ºF) in about 10 minutes. The pizza foundation can cook fast with any topping of your choice at this temperature, which is more than twice as hot as the average home oven. The results you’ll get in a standard pizza oven—even with a pizza stone—cannot compare to what you can accomplish with a Roccbox.

The Gozney Roccbox has a short start time and excellent heat retention compared to other portable pizza ovens I’ve tried, thanks to a liberal dose of calcium silicate insulation. Because of this, the Gozney Roccbox can cook pizzas more evenly, and its pizza stone foundation maintains its temperature better than any other portable oven when you turn down the gas to delay any top-down cooking.

This allows you to produce pizzas quickly by giving you more control over the cooking process and by cutting down on the recharge time. It is evident that the smaller Roccbox lacks the thermal bulk of its larger Dome siblings, but in my tests, the insulation was sufficient to cook at least two pizzas in succession when the stone was already above 850ºF (450ºC). This allows you to cook for larger gatherings since it allows you to prepare more pizzas and cook them all at once, which is something that lighter, less insulated portable pizza ovens cannot accomplish.

Because it can easily make more pizzas when hosting guests—something that other portable pizza ovens weren’t very good at—it becomes exceptionally proficient as a home pizza oven.

Five stars for performance

Gozney Score Card for Robocbox
Qualitative NotesAssessing Valueaffordable petrol choice in light of its features.5/5 Design Stylish oven with integrated thermometer and substantial insulation.5/5 AchievementPerfect 12-inch pizzas to eat back-to-back at home or while travelling.5./5
Purchase if...

Which portable pizza oven is the best?

Of all the portable pizza ovens, the Roccbox produces the highest-quality pizza in the quickest amount of time.

You’re looking for a portable, safer pizza oven.

The silicone jacket and additional insulation make the oven’s outside largely safe to touch, lowering the possibility of injury.

You want something that works well both at home and on trips.

With the Gozney Roccbox, you can entertain more guests at home or while travelling because it holds heat and cooks pizzas more quickly.

If you need a very light oven, don’t buy it.

There are lighter choices that give up portability for performance.

It’s the cheapest pizza oven that you want.

There are solutions that will make decent pizzas for less money if you’re ready to forgo quality in favour of a lower price.

Twelve test pizzas
I tested the Gozney Roccbox at home over a 6-week period, experimenting with various pizza and bread recipes, using a variety of Gozney accessories. This involved cooking enough pizza for eight people to dine in and smaller lunch pizzas for one person.

In order to make sure they all function properly and whether they improve the oven’s utility, I also tried every accessory that was listed with it. To test how well the Roccbox works with a wood-based fire, I wasn’t sent the wood-fired burner accessory, so I prepared the test pizzas using only gas.

To ensure portability, the Roccbox was likewise tucked away in the cover and carried to the car.

Gozney offers a nice assortment of recipes on their website and includes a brief booklet with six must-try recipes that I used to have great results.


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