How Many Claims Are Permitted in a USA and UK Auto Insurance Policy?

How Many Claims Are Permitted in a USA and UK Auto Insurance Policy?

An individual’s life is significantly invested in a car. In order to comply with the law, you must insure your car as a car owner. In addition to fulfilling legal obligations, an auto insurance policy offers you cash support in the event that your vehicle is totaled. Filing a claim is the procedure of alerting the insurer to the need for payment for damages to the vehicle. So, how many claims are permitted in India for a coverage on auto insurance? Let’s investigate in this piece.

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How Many Auto Insurance Claims Are Allowed in a Year?

The amount of claims you may file under your auto insurance coverage in a given year is usually unrestricted. But keep in mind that the NCB (No Claim Bonus) is impacted by the auto insurance claim. Renewing the insurance after making multiple claims in a year may result in an increase in the premium.

If you choose a Zero Depreciation option for your auto insurance, there can be limitations on how many claims you can file under this type of coverage in a given year. Each insurer has a different cap on the amount of claims that can be made under this coverage.

How many claims from auto insurance are too many?

This question lacks a precise response. Depending on the kind of claim and the degree of car damage, yes. If the damages are modest, like a dent on the bumper or a broken mirror, it is advisable not to file a claim. Only make a claim on your auto insurance if the damage is significant.

What Takes Place When You File Many Auto Insurance Claims?

You should exercise caution while submitting a claim against your automobile insurance, even though there are no restrictions on the quantity of claims. These are the explanations for why you shouldn’t make several claims in a single year.

No Claim Bonus: The discount on your premium that you receive for not filing a claim during the prior policy period is known as NCB, or No Claim Bonus. With each subsequent year without a claim, the percentage of the discount rises. If you have five years in a row with no claims, you can receive a 50% discount. Accordingly, you will not receive NCB benefits if you file a claim. Only file a claim with your auto insurance if the cost of repairs exceeds the NCB discount.
price Increase: When you renew your auto insurance, the insurer may raise your price if you make several claims. Your policy premium may increase if you file multiple claims, as this indicates a bigger risk to the insurance company.
Zero Depreciation Limit: When resolving claims, the insurer will not take the depreciation rate into account if you have chosen to acquire Zero Depreciation coverage for your auto insurance policy. The total number of claims you can file under this coverage in a given year, nevertheless, might be limited.
Deductibles: If the cost of repairs is less than or somewhat more than the deductible shown in your policy document, it is preferable to forgo filing a claim. Because of the deductible, even if you file a claim, you won’t get enough money.
The Claim Process of ACKO

One of the key concepts related to auto insurance is claims. To put it simply, submitting a claim is simply you, the insured, informing ACKO, the insurer, about the harm; the money you get back from ACKO is known as the claim settlement. Filing a claim requires a process, and if you choose the traditional route, it will typically take a lot of time. However, ACKO, an insurance that prioritises digital technology, provides a hassle-free claim submission process.

These are the procedures for submitting an online auto insurance claim to ACKO.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO profile using the mobile app or the ACKO website (
Step 2: Select “Claim Now” after opening your policy card.
Step 3: Fill out the necessary forms about vehicle damage and attach any necessary paperwork before submitting the claim request.

You will receive the claim compensation for minor damages in a matter of hours. To handle the claim, the claim settlement team will get in touch with you if the damages are significant. In three days, ACKO will fix your car and deliver it right to your door (in certain cities).

Now that you are aware of this, you can go with filing as many auto insurance claims as you like each year. However, this does not imply that submitting several claims is acceptable. Claims for minor damages or if the cost of repair is less than NCB or the deductible should be avoided. The loss of NCB and the rise in the insurance premium are the two biggest drawbacks of filing several claims.

On the other hand, you should tell the insurer—ACKO in this case—as soon as possible if your car has sustained significant damage and submit a claim together with the necessary paperwork. It simply takes a few minutes to submit a claim online at ACKO. Finally, exercise caution when filing a claim and make a decision after taking into account all the points raised in this article.

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