ICYMI: the top eight tech news of the week, including Apple’s “scary” event and the DJI Pocket 3.

ICYMI: the top eight tech news of the week,Did you miss the major tech news this week? The firmware update is here.

It’s never too late in the year for technological surprises, and this week brought us one when Apple teased the year’s last launch event under the enticing moniker “Scary Fast.”

We spent the remainder of the week speculating about what Apple would unveil on October 30. Fresh MacBook M3s? A new 24-inch iMac? Is Tim Cook stepping up his acting career with a Dracula remake?

Although no one knows for sure, Apple’s enigmatic cape didn’t totally obscure the remaining news this week. With a significant AI update, Google Maps moved one step closer to becoming a photo-realistic replica of the real world. We also witnessed the arrival of the DJI Pocket 3, which once again mesmerised us with its video wizardry.

Oh, and we also revealed all of our favourite technology of 2023 in the Awards, so please accept our apologies if you’re already considering your Christmas shopping. You’ve come to the correct spot if you only need to quickly catch up on this week’s and this year’s tech news.

7. Apple TV Plus teased us by raising the price significantly.

If you thought Apple TV Plus would be the last refuge for inexpensive, ad-free subscriptions, you were mistaken. Yes, the price of Apple TV Plus has increased, and we can hardly contain our annoyance at this significant increase.

It implies that, for US readers, you will need to shell out an additional $3 per month (or $30 annually) in order to watch the greatest Apple TV Plus films and series. Regarding price hikes in the UK and Australia, Apple did not reply to our request for comment, but you should anticipate them there as well. All the faces are sad.

6. James Bond and Squid Game faced up in a reality TV combat.

The streaming wars aren’t going to stop, with the top streaming services in the globe vying for your time. For you, what does that mean? An endless *ahem* supply of films and television series to watch, with a good number of reality TV-based productions.

Usually, when we hear the word “reality TV,” we want to flee for the hills (sorry, we’re not Kardashian lovers). or The Blind Love. or any other haphazard TV show centred on reality). However, soon, Netflix and Prime Video will compete against each other in a reality game show competition that may cause us to reconsider our position.

In fact, Prime Video’s 007: Road to a Million, which draws inspiration from James Bond, and Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge will square off in an epic matchup next month (November, for those who are wondering). Who will prevail in this captivating match? You decide that, my dear reader.

5. An exclusive look at Qualcomm’s idea smart glasses was shown.

Sometimes the really spectacular stuff requires a plane trip all the way to Hawaii. At this year’s Snapdragon Summit, it was really the only chance to get a close-up look at Qualcomm’s fascinating new Snapdragon AR2 smart glasses.

We believe we finally understand Qualcomm’s aim when it comes to wearable augmented reality technology, even though it was only a reference design and they wouldn’t allow us wear them.

According to Qualcomm, these wearable technologies won’t resemble the heavy mixed reality equipment that we are accustomed to. Rather, it will resemble a pair of ordinary glasses with a tonne of intelligence built in to feel and see your surroundings and provide you with feedback and information in real time.

The fact that Qualcomm is now disclosing why it’s taking so long for us to see these as consumer goods is maybe the most intriguing. Surprisingly, battery life is not the main obstacle.

4. A major AI improvement was made to Google Maps.

Even though the majority of us can use Google Maps without thinking about it, it is still undergoing significant AI improvements behind closed doors. This week saw the release of some of the most significant new features to date.

This week marks the official launch of the eagerly expected Immersive View for Routes, which was first revealed back in May in 15 cities across iOS and Android. This entails photo-real flyovers of the routes you have selected in compatible cities (such as New York, London, and San Francisco), replete with traffic and meteorological data.

Along with these additions, Google is also integrating its machine learning algorithms into Maps by expanding the availability of “Lens in Maps” and informing owners of electric cars about the last time charges on their route were used. Although chatbots are entertaining, we prefer the boost AI is providing to apps like Google Maps.

3. The main issue with your Bluetooth headphones was resolved by Qualcomm

Although Bluetooth has advanced significantly over the years, its short range is still a major drawback. Thankfully, Qualcomm’s new S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 audio platforms offer a possible solution. Their deceit? Allowing your headphones to transition from Bluetooth to your Wi-Fi network at home will allow you to break free from the 10 metre (30 ft) limit on the latter.

When the chips are released, they may raise the bar for headphones because they also promise improvements to active noise cancellation, battery longevity, and AI-powered sound customisation. When the S7 Pro Gen 1 emblem appears on headphones in 2024, we will undoubtedly be watching for them.

2.The DJI Pocket 3 has emerged as our new preferred TikTok camera.

After a three-year wait, the DJI Pocket 3 has finally made its appearance, and it has quickly become our go-to little camera for creating social media content.

Why is the Pocket series so good? Unlike smartphones, these tiny cameras feature three-axis gimbals, which makes them ideal for capturing incredibly smooth films and doing inventive camera movements.

With the release of the Pocket 3, the series has at last incorporated modern technology to address our grievances with the previous model. This includes a larger 2-inch screen, a new 1-inch sensor, and capability for 4K/120p video. This is a good addition to your Christmas list if you produce a lot of TikTok videos.

1. Apple gave us a wonderful surprise for Halloween.

Apple said this week that its upcoming product expo, dubbed “Scary fast,” will be on October 30. Not only is that an unsubtle reference to Halloween taking place on the day following, we also think it’s a signal that we’ll see the unveiling of the rumored Apple M3 processor.

Based on current rumours and leaks, new Macs, such as a revamped iMac, a refreshed MacBook Air, and maybe new MacBook Pros with an upgraded M3 CPU, may be released alongside that piece of silicon.

We wouldn’t be shocked to witness a slight gaming push to showcase the capabilities of Apple’s processor and next-generation PCs, either, given the company’s recent increased gaming initiatives. Visit our Apple event centre to get a comprehensive preview of the events.


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