Intel that 14th-generation desktop CPUs support Thunderbolt 5 was erroneous.

The statement made by Intel that 14th-generation desktop CPUs support Thunderbolt 5 was erroneous:An important oversight about connectivity in the Raptor Lake Refresh release

Regarding the upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh line of desktop processors, Intel has clarified that Thunderbolt 5 would not be supported by these 14th-generation chips after all.

According to Intel’s release statement at the time of Raptor Lake Refresh’s launch, the 14th-generation CPUs “include support for upcoming Thunderbolt 5 wired connectivity.”

Tom’s Hardware has brought attention to a recent correction from Intel that makes clear that the previous statement was untrue.

According to Intel, “Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processors, specifically, will not support Thunderbolt 5; however, some processors in the Intel Core 14th Gen processor family will.”

Analysis: A startling debut error Thunderbolt 5 connectivity isn’t really the main problem with Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh; of all, the main focus has always been on how much faster they are compared to previous generations, how much power they consume, and how much they cost. Even still, it’s unfortunate that Intel misrepresented a key piece of information about the 14th generation in their press statement.

Now that we are aware that desktop CPUs won’t support Thunderbolt 5, you might be wondering which 14th-generation processors will. Intel is probably talking to the other chip family, Meteor Lake, which will come with Raptor Lake Refresh in December.

Since Thunderbolt ports are most commonly found in laptops, it seems sense that the processors in Meteor Lake are laptop (mobile) processors. More notebooks than desktop computers have them.

It’s also important to remember that Thunderbolt 5 has just recently been announced and that the first products that use the standard won’t be available until 2024 (most likely later in the year). Therefore, even though there is still a long way to go before it truly arrives, Thunderbolt 5’s lightning-fast speed makes it a huge deal. Nevertheless, it appears that users of Raptor Lake Refresh PCs will have to make do without it.


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