The University of Washington is accepting applications for the winter, spring, and summer terms. The University of Washington’s 44% acceptance rate for international students suggests a moderately selective admissions procedure. 60,000 students attend the university’s three campuses, with 14% of them coming from outside the country. Via its 18 schools and colleges, the University of Washington provides 319 programmes to students from abroad. Among the most popular programmes selected by students are the MBA, master’s degree in computer science, and master’s degree in aeronautical engineering.

Indian Students’ Advice: To improve their chances of admission, Indian candidates should aim for an average of 3.72/4 (85%), even though international applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Admissions deadlines to the University of Washington

The university is accepting applications for the winter, spring, and summer intakes. The University of Washington’s undergraduate and graduate entrance deadlines are shown below.

Applicants should check the listings published by the program’s faculty to confirm the deadlines for their particular degree programmes.

University of Washington Undergraduate Admissions

The University of Washington offers more than 238 well defined undergraduate programmes with 122 majors and 28 fields. Additional requirements may be in place from the University of Washington admissions office for foreign students enrolled in undergraduate degrees.

How Do I Submit an Application?

Step 1: Before applying, students need to make an account. To make an account, click this link!

Step 2: Proceed and choose the application type and programme.

Step 3: Continue and fill out the fields pertaining to the programme.

Step 4: Before submitting your application, carefully read the guidelines.

Application Portal: Coalition Application Portal

The application price is 90 USD, or about 7,100 INR.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduates:

official high school transcripts
American SOP or essay
A minimum cumulative GPA of ~73–76%, or 2.0/4.0, is necessary.
Bank statements
Score for English proficiency Verification/Affidavit of Financial Support for Sponsor Form

Exams to take in the United States: Look into

Submit an application to the University of Washington.

Greetings and welcome to the University of Washington Graduate School’s online application. We are overjoyed that you are considering pursuing graduate study at the UW!

To gain further insight into the University of Washington’s graduate programme admissions process, look at the admissions procedures.

Professional programmes at UW do not make use of this online resource. Please visit their websites for details on admissions and application procedures.

The following schools are accepting new applicants: MD, PharmD, DDS, and JD programmes in law, dentistry, and medicine.

It is necessary for new users to create an application profile. If you choose to apply to more than one programme, your application profile will be used for each one.

The application fee

For any programme you want to apply to, you have to fill out an application and pay the required amount. The nonrefundable application fee is $85.00 (USD) or $75.00 for graduate non-matriculated applications, subject to change without notice. The charge can only be made online using credit or debit cards issued by MasterCard or Visa.

It’s possible that some students will be exempt from paying the application cost.

The University of Washington School of Law

The Vision: To develop and define fair and long-lasting laws and policies by academic study, moral advocacy, interesting teaching, and selfless public service. The goal of the University of Washington School of Law is to rank among the world’s most esteemed multidisciplinary legal studies institutes and as the best public law school in the nation.

Our goal is to serve as both their teachers and leaders while preparing our students to be global citizens. It is expected of our students to reevaluate and justify their opinions regarding the connection between social issues and the legal system. Students are often shocked to realise that their primary objective is not to “learn the law,” but rather to obtain the skills and information necessary to practise as professionals. By means of their exposure to the examination of statutes, court decisions, and other legal documents, pupils gain an understanding of the structure and operation of the legal system.

LLM Programmes and Focus Areas

Our collaborative partnerships with the engineering, medical, public policy, and environmental schools, together with the university’s technology transfer initiative, can be advantageous to our students. There are eight master’s programmes available at the University of Washington School of Law. We also have strong links to the law school from our rich and vibrant legal, software, bioengineering, government, and nonprofit communities, which include companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Allen Brain Institute, PATH, and many more. We offer our students the opportunity to study at a top law school with students from all over the world, while also enjoying the many benefits of attending a university in Seattle.

LLMs in Comparative and Asian Law

Both international and American students who wish to study US law and conduct comparative research as well as those who wish to study the legal systems and civilizations of East Asia frequently enrol in the Asian and Comparative Law LLM degree. This rigorous programme improves professional competency in the substantive laws of one or more Asian states as well as writing and research skills for comparative law. Students in this programme have the option of doing a substantial legal research and writing project in addition to normal law subjects and a number of Asian and comparative law courses. They pursue legal jobs after graduation, focusing on international work related to Asia in Asia, Europe, or the US. A small number of graduates pursue careers in policy-related sectors or as legal academics.

Application deadlines are May 1 for US applicants and February 15 for international applicants.
Application fee: $90
Accepted transcripts for LLM CAS
Up to ten students can participate in this programme each year.

For more information, please visit the Asian Law Centre website or contact [email protected] via email.

General Law LLM

A broad legal track enables students, both domestic and international, to tailor their course of study if their areas of interest don’t quite fit into one of the specialty tracks. By letting individuals enrol in the courses they desire, it provides students the flexibility to achieve their personal and professional objectives. Many of our students are seeking to progress in their present fields of practise and have significant professional experience. Some students are seeking additional credentials in order to begin their careers or to be admitted to sit for the bar exam in a US state (such as Washington or New York) that allows lawyers with international training. LLM students in the General Law programme select from a variety of courses based on their interests and career goals. In other programmes, they also attend classes with JD and LLM students. Students can study cross-cutting and interdisciplinary studies or focus on a particular substantive area, such as labour and employment law, dispute resolution, criminal justice system, Native American law, constitutional and administrative law, or the American legal system in general.

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