Review of Garmin Forerunner 965: Apple better take note—that AMOLED screen really makes it all come together.

Review of Garmin Forerunner 965: Apple better take note—that AMOLED screen really makes it all come together.

The Garmin Forerunner 965 might be the company’s best watch to date.

The business that specialises in producing multisport watches has produced the best one to date with the Garmin Forerunner 965. This watch is a marvel because to its upgraded superior titanium construction, smaller form factor, longer battery life, and new AMOLED screen, which takes aim at Apple.

Advantages: + Magnificent AMOLED screen +Extended battery life +High-quality titanium bezel +New training metrics that are perfect for runners
– Expensive – No solar option


This watch incorporates the gorgeous AMOLED display, one of the best aspects of Apple watches, with a Garmin watch. Nevertheless, compared to nearly all of the competitors with the same display, this one manages to provide at least five extra days of battery life.

To be clear, this model is a screen upgrade from the Forerunner 955, which was released nine months earlier. Thus, even though there haven’t been many improvements from then to today, it’s important to remember that the model was still a near-perfect advancement. It becomes a true heavy hitter when you add this screen. Alongside this device, Garmin also debuted the Forerunner 265 at a lesser price range, which also has an AMOLED screen.

As you can see from the star rating, the 965 is the greatest multisport watch available for purchase for anyone looking for one. Because of this, the pricing is excessive for what you receive.

This evaluation will make clear that the value of what you receive justifies the price. To put it briefly, it boasts incredible battery life, an exquisite display, incredibly precise location and heart rate tracking, and a host of other clever measures, such as new running dynamics that eliminate the need for an additional sensor. Is this the best sports watch available? It’s certainly among the finest Garmin watches.

Specifications of the Garmin Forerunner 965

Sports GPS smartwatch component
Cost: $600, £600, or AU$999
Measurements: 47.1 x 47.1 x 13.2 mm
mass of 52g
Case/displayPlastic case with a titanium bezel
454 × 454 1.4-inch AMOLED touch screen
GLONASS, GPS, and Galileo
23 days of battery life in watch mode, 31 hours in GPS only, and 10 hours in GPS + musicWiFi, Bluetooth, and ANT+
resistant to water?True, 5ATM

The cost and availability of the Garmin Forerunner 965

In the UK, £600
In the US, $600
In Australia, AU$999
Undoubtedly one of the priciest solutions offered by the firm, the Garmin Forerunner 965 packs all the best features into one incredible device. As a result, the pricing you are looking at is US$600, £600, or AU$999.

Naturally, these are the launch costs, so as new models are released, you can anticipate a decrease in price. It’s also a good idea to look into promotions because these are the times when you can frequently get discounts on even the best Garmin models.

Having said that, you might be able to find the Garmin Forerunner 955, which is almost exactly the same save for the upgraded screen, for less money. Additionally, you’ll get a little bit more performance out of your battery if you choose the 955 Solar.

Value ranking: 4/5

The design and screen of the Garmin Forerunner 965

1.4-inch Active-Motion LCD
A titanium dial
Comfortable silicone band that is compatible with 22mm QuickFit
The remarkable 1.4-inch AMOLED display of the Garmin Forerunner 965 is its main selling point. It looks amazing. In addition to having vibrant colours and a clear distinction between light and dark, it also has an amazing 454 x 454 pixel resolution and is extremely bright.

All of that adds up to a screen with a tonne of information visible at a look that you can read in any light or circumstance, including underwater. Additionally, you have the option to turn on the always-on display, which uses very little energy and won’t even shorten the battery life.

Additionally, it has an outer layer of Gorilla Glass DX coating, which should prevent scratches. This has not gotten any marks in the months that we have used it, even when we have thrown it in bags.

The bezel has also been upgraded from the previous iteration; it is now composed of durable, lightweight titanium. This is the metal that is inserted into your body after surgery; because it is nonreactive and unaffected by moisture, it should remain in excellent condition for the duration of your life.

Whitestone/Powder Grey, Black/Powder Grey, and Amp Yellow/Black are the three variations available for the strap. Every model features a dual clasp, a flexible and comfortable silicone strap that can be replaced, and it utilises the Garmin 22mm QuickFit technology.

After months of testing, it was discovered that cleaning it under the tap or in the shower keeps everything looking brand new because everything is waterproof to a depth of 50 metres.

Five stars for design

Features of the Garmin Forerunner 965

not-online maps
Heart Rate Inconsistency
Contactless transactions

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The Garmin Forerunner 965 is a powerful sports watch that packs in almost all of the greatest features that have been created over the years. With over 30 sports supported, including triathlon and multisport-specific monitoring with one-touch transitions, it can thus track the majority of sports. However, it uses a tonne of data to accomplish all of this.

Naturally, Garmin’s always remarkable accuracy in multi-GNSS GPS remains intact, but this model also includes heart rate variability, VO2 Max, stress, sleep, and continuous heart rate monitoring, among other features.

All of it translates to a wealth of data to work with, not just while training but also in advising when you should take a break and even suggesting exercises to reach your objectives. The Training Readiness score from the previous year, recuperation times, workload readouts, race projections (a cool running tool that utilises your training to estimate your timing for a marathon, half-marathon, 10k, etc.), and more are included in this.

Although the number of capabilities may appear daunting, the watch and Garmin Connect app provide them to you in a useful manner. Afterwards, you can choose to add more or remove data as necessary to fit your training objectives and style.

With contactless payment, Spotify music onboard, offline navigation, find my phone, torch screen feature, sleep tracking, step tracking, and a tonne more features available in the IQ App Store, you also get some fantastic day-to-day capabilities. Don’t expect complete smartwatch capabilities as this isn’t equivalent to the app shops on Android or Apple devices. However, it’s sufficient to keep you aware when necessary and attentive at the same time.

Everything can be well-organized, which includes rearranging the icons on your watch or making use of folders, as well as in data screens during training. Even the clock face can be customised to display the info you require. Additionally, you have more alternatives for data than ever before; however, more on that in the next section.

Features: 5 out of 5.


precise data about heart rate
outstanding running metrics
practical VO2 data
Looking at the specs, the Garmin Forerunner 965 seems like a great device, but how does it work in the real world? Well, to put it briefly, yeah. The GPS accuracy and acquisition were excellent, as one should anticipate from Garmin; in fact, it would locate satellites and be operational in a matter of seconds. This was tested across the nation; in a remote region, it detected GPS and was operational in a mere two seconds.

My data differed from those of the runners next to me at the start of the Great North Run annual race, but that might have been because of their older watches as opposed to this more accurate one. That was the only problem I saw.

The heart rate tracking was also amazing. It was discovered to accurately track heart rate when tested against a specialised chest strap (Wahoo Tickr). Naturally, there was a slight delay in abrupt changes in heart rate because the wrist strap is not in close proximity to the heart. This provided good heart rate tracking even when swimming, and the easily readable display made it practical to use.

Thus, a dependable HR monitor and an extremely accurate GPS combine to provide a large amount of data that Garmin algorithms may use to calculate more meaningful measures. Because of this, this watch has heart rate variability, allowing you to track changes in your true cardiovascular fitness while you workout. To determine how well you can function under pressure, you can take a VO2 Max test.

In order to evaluate the effect on your muscles while you labour, your acute load is also monitored. In other words, the watch will notify you when to take breaks and what kind of exercise—cardio or weights, for example—is necessary to help you reach your goals.


The impressive 23 days on standby, 31 hours in GPS mode, and 10.5 hours with GPS and music playing make the battery life of this device noteworthy as well. Even with extensive training, all that rarely results in a charge. So, for example, if you’re heading away for a race weekend, you won’t need to bring a charger. Furthermore, it charges ludicrously quickly—up to a percentage per minute.

This watch is so deep that it might go on for hundreds of words. However, it should be noted that this model incorporates running dynamics without requiring an additional sensor. In order to enhance your running in a genuinely effective method, you can now examine your vertical oscillation, cadence, stride length, ground contact time, and more. Even though it wasn’t always accurate, sleep tracking performed reasonably well enough to help determine when you were healthy enough to resume exercising.

To make it a kind of wristwatch, you also get smartphone notifications for WhatsApp, calls, messages, emails, calendars, Ring doorbells, and much more. These are very minimally included so you won’t be too distracted from its main purpose as a training tool.

Five stars for performance

Price Category Comment ScoreMore expensive but justified4/5 Screen and designMagnificent overall, AMOLED leading5/5 QualitiesMore than the majority will ever use5./5
Overall performance was outstanding.5/5 OverallA robust, gorgeous multisport super watch with a large screen4.5 out of 5

Purchase it if: You desire an amazing screen

The greatest display Garmin has to offer is included with this device at a premium price, and it also helps with battery life.

You seek input on your healing.

whether all the measurements are combined, you can determine whether you’re ready to start training again and make progress without going too far, which could cause long-term setbacks.

If you don’t need everything, don’t buy it.

Numerous elements enable advanced training in a variety of sports. If you’re just getting started, a more straightforward, less expensive model will work.

You’re thrifty.

This watch is really pricey; if you’d rather try something simpler, you may save money.


For several months, we wore an Android-powered Garmin Forerunner 965 on one wrist. This was experienced on long bike rides, half marathons, walks, swims, surfs, yoga sessions, weightlifting, paddle boarding, and other activities.

Notifications from the phone, heart rate monitoring in cold water baths, sleep tracking, contactless payment features, and wireless offline Spotify were all heavily utilised.

In order to properly test how you would use the watch and all of its capabilities, this was, in essence, lived with constantly for months.

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