Review of the DreamFoam Essential mattress: An affordable mattress that fits wherever

Review of the DreamFoam Essential mattress: An affordable mattress that fits wherever

Because the Brooklyn Bedding DreamFoam Essential mattress is available in so many sizes, it can be placed in almost any type of area.

The DreamFoam Essential mattress is reasonably priced, offers a wide range of sizes for customization, and is comfortable to sleep on. This mattress is definitely something to think about if you have a bunk bed, Murphy bed, RV, boat, trundle bed, or other difficult-to-fit area. Given that it comes in a range of hardness levels to accommodate almost everyone, you might even think about using it as your primary mattress.

Pros + Almost twenty sizes available + Five variations for thickness and firmness + Good comfort and support + Reasonably priced
Basic design; -Middling support; -Stitching fell loose on the review unit; -$99 returns charge


Parent business Brooklyn Bedding offers a simple, all-foam bed-in-a-box called the DreamFoam Essential, which has some notable differences. It does not retain heat like many foam mattresses do. It was once known as the Brooklyn Bedding Chill mattress.

The large selection of sizes is what actually makes this mattress unique. The DreamFoam mattress’s stiffness is determined by the thickness you select. Five variations are available, with a range of six to 14 inches, or ‘hard’ to’medium-soft’. The most notable feature is the availability of 22 distinct mattress sizes, many of which are designed specifically for boat or RV spaces.

For three weeks, my spouse and I shared the 10-inch-thick, queen-sized mattress. It’s crucial for couples that the motion isolation of DreamFoam is good, based on my testing. We both thought it was pleasant, even though we had different sleeping preferences—I sleep on my side and like softer mattresses, while he sleeps on his stomach and loves harder mattresses. The 10-inch mattress is categorised as “medium-firm” by the manufacturer and is situated in the middle of the range. Since it doesn’t have the same contouring as a softer mattress, it is more appropriate for back and stomach sleepers than side sleepers. You might want to explore elsewhere if you need strong edges in order to sit comfortably on the edge of your bed.

Although it’s not the most fascinating or opulent mattress available, this one is highly practical and reasonably priced. Although it isn’t included in  list of the best mattresses overall, it is one of the company’s top inexpensive options, and it’s particularly helpful if you’re looking for a mattress for an odd location. My whole assessment of the Brooklyn Bedding DreamFoam Essential mattress is provided below.


Two or three layers, depending on thickness, in an all-foam mattress
Easy to use but efficient design
large selection of sizes and multiple choices for thickness

A prominent feature of the DreamFoam Essential mattress is its availability in 22 distinct sizes, with each size available in one of five thickness options. Six to fourteen inches is the range of depth options; the thicker the mattress, the softer the feel of the sleep. While there are several mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding that come in a variety of sizes, this one may have the most options.

While simplistic, the design is efficient. Even though the DreamFoam mattress is meant to be stain-resistant, it cannot be removed for cleaning. Every mattress includes a minimum of two layers of foam: gel swirl memory foam, which is made to respond to your movements, is the top layer, and higher-density foam, which is firmer and provides firm support, is the bottom layer.

To promote airflow and heat dissipation, this top layer of foam is also referred to as “open-cell” and is infused with cooling gel. (Although almost all mattress foam is actually open-cell, I was nonetheless amazed by this product’s ability to regulate temperature; I’ll go into more detail about that in the Performance portion of this review.) These two layers are present in all 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch models, and the layers increase thicker as the mattress goes thicker.

Between the first two described layers of transitional foam are three more layers found in the two thickest variants, the 12-inch and 14-inch mattresses. High-density foam in the intermediate layer is intended to better conform to your body.

Although it cannot be flipped, Brooklyn Bedding suggests turning the mattress every six to eight months. There are no handles to make navigating easier. Though our testing model had some loose stitching, overall, this mattress design offers decent quality for the low price. It’s not the most complicated or opulent mattress design available.

Score for design: 3.5 out of 5.


Depending on thickness, a mattress in the lower midrange or budget range
Excellent quality for the price; reputable brand
Always on sale; save up to 25% or sometimes even more
The DreamFoam Essential is never offered at full price, like many other mattresses. Anticipate a 20% reduction in MSRP, bringing this mattress under budget for the 6 and 8-inch variants or into the mid-range brackets for the 10 inch or bigger versions.

Here are the official prices for the major sizes coupled with what you should really anticipate to pay. Here, I’ll be using the 10-inch model.

Twin: $449 MSRP (typically $336.80)
Complete: $574 (MSRP often offered at $430.50)
Queen: $699 MSRP (normally $524.30)
King: $899 MSRP (normally $674.30)
Cal King: $899 MSRP (regularly $674.30)
During national holidays, you might be able to get a better deal if you’re not in a rush to buy. The lowest prices of the year are usually found in Black Friday mattress specials, which happen in late November. However, parent firm Brooklyn Bedding usually kicks up the bargains to 30% off for holidays like Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day.

It offers a respectable but not particularly exceptional value for the money. Although the most inexpensive options in  guide to the best memory foam mattress are more expensive, DreamFoam, an extension of Brooklyn Bedding, offers you the experience and assurance of a reputable and well-known sleep company. There are more affordable options if you’re thinking about going with the 12-inch or thicker model. The DreamCloud mattress (not related) is one such example; it comes with a longer trial period and a more sophisticated, opulent-feeling design.

Rating for value for money: 4 out of 5.


Thickness determines firmness; the 10″ review model is around 7/10 inches thick and comfortable for all sleeping positions.
Not much contouring of the body
There are five distinct thicknesses of the DreamFoam Essential mattress, and each has a unique firmness profile. Out of the five models, I tested the 10-inch model. The manufacturer gives it a firmness rating of 6 out of 10, or “medium-firm.” It’s a little firmer, in my opinion; a seven out of ten. The 10-inch variant is the only one used in the part that follows; the thinner and thicker versions will have a different feel.

The DreamFoam Essential mattress is the kind I want to lie on top of instead of sinking under. It doesn’t seem to fit my figure very well, in my opinion. When you release pressure, the highly responsive sleeping surface bounces back rapidly. I didn’t notice that the mattress was composed of two distinct foam layers with varying densities when I was sleeping on it.

I weighed a 15-pound weight in the centre of the mattress and measured how far it sank in to obtain a more objective measurement of firmness. The weight dropped to a depth of two inches, consistent with the 10-inch model’s medium-firm rating from Brooklyn Bedding. I concur that the company is rated as medium-firm; subjectively, I also feel that way.

A person’s preference for mattress firmness is subjective. To avoid pressure points around the hips and shoulders, the best mattresses for side sleepers are typically slightly softer and have more noticeable contouring. Firmer mattresses provide the necessary support for back and stomach sleepers. Furthermore, lighter-weight bodies will feel more comfortable on softer beds, whereas larger bodies will prefer the extra support of a firmer mattress.

Despite having lighter bodies overall, my spouse sleeps on his stomach whereas I prefer to sleep on my side. Yes, sometimes we both sleep on our backs. Even when I slept on my side, the mattress was cosy and had just the right amount of contouring for a restful night’s sleep. Given that he likes to sleep on his stomach, my spouse thought it to be even more comfy.

The medium-firm 10-inch version should be comfortable for most people, but stomach and back sleepers will find it most pleasant. Given that it can support up to 950 pounds, larger bodies should also be able to use it.

Review of the Brooklyn Dream Foam Mattress: Performance

Reasonable control over temperature
Excellent edge support for resting; not as much for sitting
minimal transmission of motion

The heat retention properties of foam mattresses can make the sleeper uncomfortable. My spouse and I have a tendency to sleep hot, so anything that could increase our body temperature while we sleep is quite noticeable to us. Fortunately, we were able to determine that the DreamFoam Essential was not causing any problems. In fact, I would say that it was temperature neutral, not heating up or cooling down while I slept. (If, on the other hand, you have severe nighttime overheating, you might want to consider getting one of the top cooling mattresses.) In order to put things in perspective, I tested this mattress in the spring in the Midwest, where the typical temperature was 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

For couples, motion isolation is crucial, particularly if one or both of them have a tendency to toss and turn. Since I have trouble sleeping when my partner moves, I discovered that the DreamFoam Essential provided decent motion isolation. To quantify this more scientifically, I conducted some tests where I dropped a 15-pound weight upon a mattress next to a wine glass to see if it would topple over. I started by dropping the weight 10 inches away from the wine glass, and although it jiggled, it stayed upright. I dropped it again, this time 25 inches from the glass, and it moved very little. This demonstrates that those whose spouses move around a lot at night will find the mattress to be quite helpful.

Lastly, I checked the edge support of the mattress. This is significant for two reasons. Ideally, your mattress should allow you to sleep all the way to the edge so that you may utilise the entire surface. Secondly, you should be able to push yourself up to standing while sitting on the edge of the mattress. I thought the edge support was really good for sleeping; I never felt like I was about to roll off. But I sank in quite a bit as I sat on the edge of the mattress. The surface wasn’t ideal for launching from.

I used a 15-pound weight to test every edge as well, and I noticed 1.5 inches of sinkage everywhere. Generally speaking, you should have less sinkage on the margins than in the centre. Overall, the edge support of this mattress isn’t too poor, with two inches of sinkage in the middle.

Score for performance: 4 out of 5.


SortFoam-only MaterialsOther foams and memory foam Covernon-detachable handlesLack of Firmness (1-6)4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 (based on the layer thickness).
6-8, 10-12, or 14-inch height
Time of trial: 120 nights
Guarantee: ten years
Budget rangeDepending on thickness, lower mid-range or budget options
MSRP $524–$949 for the queen (typically sells for $393–$712)
DimensionsCal king, split Cal king, RV bunk, twin, twin XL, full, short full, full XL, queen, short queen, olympic queen, king, short king, RV king (3 possibilities), and so on (7 variations)
HandlingStandard shipping is free.
Returns: There is a $99.


Purchase it if… You are purchasing for an uncomfortable area: There are almost twenty sizes available for the DreamFoam Essential, including sizes specifically designed for RVs and bunk beds. While certain mattresses from this company are available in odd sizes (the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid, for instance, has 14 size possibilities), this may be the largest selection available.

You’re on a tight budget: This is a terrific option if you don’t have a lot of money to spend or if all you need is something comfy and of decent quality. Despite the fact that this isn’t an expensive, luxurious mattress, my girlfriend and I had no trouble sleeping on it during the review time.

A guest room mattress is required: Regardless of sleep position or body size, this mattress can accommodate a wide variety of users due to its high weight limit and variety of firmness options. Additionally, the pricing range is ideal for a spare room.

Purchase it only if... ❌ You desire an opulent mattress: Though it works just fine, the DreamFoam Essential is more of a standard mattress-in-a-box type. For those seeking a little more upscale option, consider the DreamCloud mattress. This hybrid is our top choice for reasonably priced luxury because it falls into the lower mid-range pricing category (thus, depending on thickness, it might be less expensive than the DreamFoam).

❌ A mattress with strong edges is necessary: Although not particularly good, the DreamFoam’s edge support is passable. Look elsewhere if you require something that you can easily push up off when you wake up in the morning.

❌ You aren’t purchasing for an uncomfortable area: There are many of reasonably priced all-foam mattresses available if you don’t need one of those odd sizes. Though the DreamFoam may ultimately prevail, it’s still advisable to check out  compilation of the top memory foam mattresses to ensure you don’t miss out on anything more suitable.

How I Tested the Dream Foam Essential Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

I put the Queen-sized DreamFoam Essential Mattress to the test. It is 10 inches thick. In the spring, I spent three weeks sleeping on it with my spouse. Since we had air conditioning and central heating, it was never excessively hot or cold. The temperature was 68 degrees Fahrenheit on average. We only used a top sheet, a bottom sheet, and a light blanket because we both sleep hot.

I conducted standardised tests to evaluate the softness, edge support, and motion isolation of this mattress in addition to asking my spouse and basing my subjective thoughts on comfort on it.

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