Review of the Swann AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit

Review of the Swann AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit:dependable wireless security kit with a large amount of storage integrated in

+ Robust wireless protection framework
+Excellent resolution for high definition videos
+Included 1TB hard drive adds to the fantastic value.
-Complex setup process using a monitor or TV
-Irregular camera positioning
-Complex quick-start manuals


Swann hopes to bridge the gap between standalone kits that store footage locally and hardwired security systems that record and save it to a cloud service with the AllSecure 650 2K Wireless Security Kit.

As a stable and dependable self-installation solution with affordable setup and operating expenses, it provides the ease of nearly continuous recording without the need for a subscription service. It also comes in different bundle sizes, the smallest of which has two cameras and the largest of which has four. With these wireless HD cameras, you have the flexibility to install security cameras wherever you’d want.

The hub at the centre of the system must be physically connected to your home router using Ethernet, or it can be connected wirelessly. To set up the system, you’ll also need a smart TV or, even better, an extra monitor. In addition to having a 1TB hard disc, this hub also features a very practical space for an extra rechargeable battery pack.

Since they are wireless, you may position the satellite cameras anywhere that is within range. According to the instructions, these must be charged for two or three hours beforehand. However, if the cameras are to function dependably for more than the initial few hours, a longer charge is required. For this purpose, a USB charging cable is provided; however, you will need to utilise the plug from a tablet or smartphone. The two-camera kit came with a tonne of colourful booklets in many languages to help with hardware software and app setup, as well as hub power cord adapters for Europe and the UK.

When the battery packs for the wireless cameras are fully charged, they fit into the bases of each camera, and a spare is neatly stored inside the hub, ready to be used when a battery pack runs out. Among the kit’s most practical and easy-to-use features is this. Swann claims that the battery can last up to four months between charges, and the hub’s 1TB hard drive can save standard or high-definition video for two years before running out of space.

It’s definitely advisable to set the provided terabyte of storage to record motion events instead of continually so you don’t have to go through recorded footage looking for an event. The hub also has a USB port where you can attach an external drive with a capacity of up to 4TB and an SD card slot so you can store any film you might need to share. Moreover, you can use the programme to store videos to your Dropbox account.

While there are a few setup annoyances, including requiring an HD monitor, mouse, and on-screen keyboard to activate the security system, the Swann AllSecure 650 delivers a robust set of wireless surveillance functions along with the practicality of recording directly to an integrated hard drive.

There is never any downtime thanks to the hub’s additional battery pack, which can be quickly replaced with one of the camera packs. But, you do need to be cautious about fully charged batteries.

The Swann Security app has most of the controls and playback choices you’d expect from a home security system, and it only takes a few seconds to play back event footage once you receive a phone or smartwatch alert. The video cameras capture crisp, detailed footage. The Swann AllSecure 650 is also a fantastic value option, and there’s no need to pay for a subscription service unless you need the additional person/car/animal alert differences.


List Price: $699.99 / £499.95 / AU$999.95 (4-camera bundle).
List pricing (UK/AU) for a two-camera bundle: £399.95 / $699.95
In stock in Australia, the US, and the UK

The Swann AllSecure650 2K comes with installation tools, a USB charging connection, and a pre-installed 32GB microSD card locally. It may be purchased directly from the company’s website or through resellers like Amazon.

A variety of bundles are available, each with a slightly different compilation worldwide. The 2-camera bundle I was offered for this study costs £399.95 / AU$699.95 in the UK and Australia. The 4-camera combo, which is more widely available, costs $699.99 / £499.95 / AU$999.95.

You’ll need to subscribe to a storage service in order to get the most out of the camera. This will entitle you to cloud storage, the best detection smart notifications, and a warranty. The monthly cost of subscription services is $2.99 / £2.99 / $AU5.55; a complimentary three-month trial is included with the purchase of the camera. Along with human heat and motion detection, this also enables package, pet, and vehicle detection, and it stores video footage in the cloud for up to 60 days.

If the physical storage is still insufficient for your needs or you would like more options, Swann Unlimited offers cloud storage at a monthly subscription fee of £8.99 (following a three-month trial). If continuous recording is more suitable for your needs, this subscription can be added at any time by simply clicking the yellow storage chest icon on the Swann Security app and providing your card information.

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The Swann AllSecure 650 2K evaluation unit’s specifications
Swann 650 2K AllSecure
Cost ($699.99 / £499.95 / AU$999.95) for four cameras
Is a subscription plan necessary?No.
WiFi configured?Yes,
Viewing angle: less than 105°
Sure, both motion alerts and live HD video
Optional recording plan Starting at $2.99 / $2.99 / $AU 5.55 per minute


Plugging in the included mouse to the hub is the first step in configuring the Swann AllSecure 650. The setup screen ought to appear on its own when the screen is connected to the hub via HDMI. If you’d like, you can connect an Ethernet connection or enter your network information and Wi-Fi password. Either a 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless network is available for connection.

Next, make a Swann email account, log in as the admin, add any more users you choose to have on the system, and enter your password. When all three of the subtly coloured LEDs on the hub’s front fascia are lighted up, you can tell it’s connected successfully.

To utilise the AllSecure 650 system remotely from your phone, you’ll need to install the Swann Security software on your iOS or Android device. You’ll be asked to scan the QR code at the top of the hub after entering your email address. Strangely, Swann’s printed quick-start guide for the app only mentions iOS, even though both are available.

The pairing process takes place on the HD monitor screen, even if the software now anticipates you to pair with a security camera. When you purchase the AllSecure 650 package, the remaining on-screen panes will imply “video loss” instead of “play,” which is pretty unsettling. Only two (or four) of the panes will show a Play icon.

You must click one of the active on-screen panes and bring the camera close to the hub in order to pair. After manually entering your admin password credentials, click Unlock to unlock the security system. Press and hold down the white hardware button on top of the camera for a few seconds after clicking on the pane or the white video camera icon that appears right underneath it. The camera should have a red LED that turns on at this stage; mine never did, but pairing was still successful. It also took me multiple tries to couple up.

The cameras can be positioned anywhere you see fit after they are connected. The short hardware setup instructions advise you to try experimenting to find a good position, first verifying what shows in the camera view before deciding on a spot. Remember that in order to connect to the Swann 650 hub and pick up the Wi-Fi signal, the hard plastic antenna on top of each camera must be pointing upward. Theoretically, the range is up to thirty metres.

My interior camera worked best when I hid it in a side window next to the front entrance, until the automatic porch light and window glare made it impossible to see outside at night, or I moved the camera with my heavy drapes.

Installing it inside the porch was effective, but it also made the camera noticeable from the street. Together with the inevitable brace of secured property stickers I’ve placed on the windows, this might serve as a good visual deterrent, but ultimately, I worried that it would be far too simple for a chancer to simply take cover in my porch, unscrew the wireless camera from its mount, and take off with it—whether or not it was captured on camera.

Swann recommends putting the cameras about four metres above the planned surveillance area to avoid situations like this. This most likely refers to the area outside a room on the floor above in real life. Swann makes claims about the cameras’ IP66-rated water and dust resistance as well as a good degree of temperature tolerance, so a sheltered eave or nook outside above an upper-floor window are ideal locations. However, Swann does not guarantee that the cameras can withstand all weather, and it specifically warns against placing them where it will rain.

There might not be many possibilities if mounting the fixtures can only be done from within the house. Should you decide to install the cameras yourself and don’t have a long enough ladder or a good sense of heights, you might struggle to screw them in and then they might not be in the best location.

The camera mount is made up of two parts that unscrew; the portion that mounts to the wall or ceiling has holes that may accommodate the two included screws. After attaching the camera to the mounting base, you’ll need to adjust its angle and use the wing nut to keep it there. I was able to overcome the inability of one of the review cameras to stay in place by moving the camera around. The camera was lacking a sticky sponge pad within the mount.

Performance of SWANN AllSECURE 650 2K

The cameras’ video quality was more than sufficient; I could readily make out what was going on the street below, whether it was day or night, in the default SD mode, or when I chose HD (high-definition video). Although there wasn’t much visual distortion, when I positioned the upper camera at an unusual angle, everything appeared a little off-kilter.

You can see a two-second clip of the event that triggered the recording using the playback option. If you’re in Live View mode and see anything intriguing, you can record it right away by tapping the video camera button on the app.

Engaging with a visitor at the doorstep in Live View mode had very little latency, and the two-way audio system clearly conveyed the interaction. Simply tap the microphone icon located beneath the screen of the appropriate camera on the app to start a conversation with someone who is nearby one of the cameras. Despite the tinny delivery, I managed to maintain a two-way conversation that made great sense and was loud enough to be heard clearly at the camera end.

The video was also quite clear in night mode, making it easy to recognise objects. In the unlikely event that the sun sets directly into the lens of your Swann security camera, the contrast levels will be enough to prevent washed-out images, and important features will be clearly visible. You may adjust the intensity of the night vision light and turn it on when light levels drop by clicking the light bulb symbol on the app. If you would like to use this light as a helpful guide light or as a deterrent, you can leave it on. You also get a colour view when the night light is on.


The primary means of interacting with the events that your AllSecure 650 cameras will record is through the app (unless, of course, you want to use the HD monitor to keep an eye on people coming and departing from the commercial property you’re securing). You have the choice to examine each camera separately or to view an overview of all the cameras that are currently in use by tapping the Live examine option.

You’ll be notified of any motion events—that is, any time someone walks by or drives close to your house—unless you disable it. Should you receive an excessive number, it’s a good indication that you should change the camera angle to detect less pedestrians and passing autos.

Fortunately, the software is intelligent enough to detect when it isn’t being recognised, and it will give you the choice to suspend notifications after a few missed alarms. More importantly, you might want to configure the Schedule feature of the app to display the times you’re most likely awake and at home, as well as the times you’re at work or somewhere comparable. Swann will know not to disturb you since, in any case, you’ll undoubtedly notice someone arriving.

Only the Swann Secure+ subscription service offers more sophisticated features including human, vehicle, or animal identification and rich alerts, which provide an image of the situation along with an event notice. But once I upgraded the app, I began to get notifications that said “person,” even though most of the time it was just a passing car.

It’s up to the user to precisely position the camera for the fewest false warnings because there are no custom zone settings available, which is a little surprising for a camera this inexpensive. Naturally, the cameras are unpowered, so tracking visitors is not possible with the pan/tilt feature. Additionally lacking are number-plate recognition and other AI features; instead, the cameras employ PIR to identify humans, animals, and cars based only on their outlines.

Another complaint I had was that, instead of just not receiving any notifications regarding activities on my property for a while, I discovered that when I was in Do Not Disturb mode, the cameras went inactive and no clips were captured. Fortunately, turning off the DND mode allowed them to be used again in a few seconds.

You can view or share the app’s user manual if necessary by clicking on the top-left menu bar and selecting “User Manual.”


AllSecure650 2K Swann
Features Notes Rating
Cost Exorbitant, with many helpful features concealed behind a subscription 4/5
Design Simple to install, however there are a few little snags with durability and manoeuvrability 4/5
Performance: Good sound quality and clarity, but quite erratic
Easy to use app, but some more intelligent functions are missing 4/5
Purchase if...
You are looking for a wireless security camera that is simple to set up.
Similar to most Swann security systems, the Swann AllSecure650 2K is wireless and includes everything you need right out of the box.

You desire high-quality videos.
For those seeking crystal clear visual clarity, the Swann AllSecure650 2K is ideal thanks to its excellent high-definition video resolution.

You desire integrated storage
In the home security market, built-in storage is becoming less common as more manufacturers opt for subscription-based alternatives. Contrary to popular belief, the AllSecure650 2K has 1TB of built-in storage.

Purchase it only if...
You desire a really simple setup.
The AllSecure650 2K setup is simple, although it feels dated at first because it needs an HDMI cable, a TV, or a monitor to function.

There’s no need to fuss over where to put the camera.
These cameras might be tricky to install because of their somewhat awkward appearance and conflicting information about how waterproof they are.

The SWANN AllSECURE 650 2K Home Security Camera Test Procedure

For a month, I installed and utilised the Swan AllSecure 650 2K in my house.
I kept an eye on my house day and night.
I experimented with its settings and utilised every feature.
My Swann AllSecure 650 2K was installed and configured, and I utilised it to watch over my house for a month. To track the arrival and departure of guests, deliveries, and cars, I installed cameras in a few different locations, including my porch and beneath the eave of my roof.

I connected the cameras to my phone, opened the app, and experimented with all the settings and capabilities to see how well they functioned and whether any more might have been included. I took note of the cameras’ accuracy, recording quality, and notification speed both at home and away.





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