Review of the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8: almost ideal smart display for the majority of homes

Review of the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8: almost ideal smart display for the majority of homes

Making smart speakers a little bit unnecessary

The third iteration of the Amazon Echo Show 8 is more advanced than ever, featuring much-needed improvements over the previous model. Better audio, quicker performance, and more support for Matter, Thread, and Zigbee are all included in this. Its price increase is the single significant factor holding it back. However, there are so many things you can do with it that purchasing a smart speaker instead almost seems pointless.

Pros: +Superb audio quality +Speedy operation +Included Thread and Zigbee support +Adaptive Content, Visual ID customization, and other features are neat. Crisp, bright, responsive touch display
-Slightly more costly than the previous model -Thick display bezels persist -Identical camera and display resolution

A Two-Minute Review of Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd Generation)

I don’t aware of any concrete evidence that smart speakers are going away if the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 isn’t it. In addition to connecting and voice-controlling your smart home appliances, smart displays offer a plethora of additional features that the greatest smart speakers and Alexa speakers just cannot match.

The most recent iteration of Amazon’s 8-inch model may also be the greatest smart display for the majority of users; however, those on a tight budget may prefer the far less expensive Echo Show 5, which has its own benefits, including a larger display and more features. As my primary smart display, I’ve been using the second generation Echo Show 5, and to be honest, I’ve always felt like it could be a little bit better. In other words, while it fulfils some of my demands, it’s best suited for easy access to items.

The Show 8 upgrade was a revelation. Video calls to friends and family no longer feel like a game of hide and seek when you’re moving around and doing things, listening to Taylor Swift while doing the dishes is a better auditory experience, and watching movies on Prime Video in my kitchen while cooking isn’t a practise in the art of squinting anymore.

My argument is that the Echo Show 8 (3rd generation) is a better option for serving as your home’s primary gateway to your smart home gadgets and more. Of course, it can do much more than that, which I’ll get to in a moment.

I do believe that Amazon could have done several things more effectively. The large bezels around the display, which are out of style, are still present. It has a perfectly good 13MP camera that it carried over from its predecessor. Then there’s the price increase, which makes it less of an economical option. Fortunately, Amazon frequently runs sales on its products.

But none of those things would stop me from buying the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8, and they shouldn’t stop you either. This is one of the greatest smart home appliances to get if you’re serious about smartening your house.

Third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8: Cost and Availability

What is the price? $149.99/£149.99, or almost AU$230
When can I get it? Now accessible
Where can I purchase it? accessible in both the UK and the US
Sadly, there has been a price increase for the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8. It costs $20 / £30 more than its predecessor, the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen), at $149.99 / £149.99 (about AU$230). But given the enhancements that come with it, I don’t think the price increase is all that significant. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that it will soon receive a reduction since Black Friday discounts are beginning to appear.

Remember that when compared to the Echo Show 5, it is somewhat expensive. At $89.99 / £89.99 (about AU$140), the most recent 5-inch model, the Echo Show 5 (3rd gen), is significantly less expensive. Therefore, if money is limited, I’d suggest getting that one or, if you can wait, saving up for the Echo Show 8.

Australian consumers will have to wait a little longer as it is not yet available at the time of writing, but clients in the US and the UK may purchase it right now.

Worth: 4/5

Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd Generation): Specifications

Our third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 review unit’s specifications
8-inch, 1280 x 800 display
Speakers: Two 2-inch passive bass radiator neodymium stereo speakers
13MP centred camera with integrated shutter; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
Assistant for voice: Alexa Hub functionality: (Thread Border Router + Matter + Zigbee) Yes
Dimensions: 200 x 139 x 106 mm, or 7.9 x 5.5 x 4.2 inches
36.6 oz (1.04 kg) in weight

Third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8: Design and features

robust construction with recycled materials
Excellent monitor, but sadly with big bezels
A centred camera is one of the design changes.
The third-generation Amazon Echo Show is incredibly simple to set up—so simple that it requires very little thought. This holds true for any gadget made by Amazon. With the Show 8’s additional features, you will need to make decisions about Vision Accessibility, your preferred Photo Display, home monitoring, and other things. Additionally, you’ll need to configure your Visual IDs.

In the case of a single-person family, the entire setup should not take longer than 20 minutes. It will, of course, take longer to set up Visual IDs for many persons, as each person must stand in front of the camera and then follow the instructions.

You can choose not to create Visual IDs for each and every person, but I wouldn’t recommend it because this feature recognises when a “registered” person is around and personalises material, including what is displayed on the screen, depending on their preferences, history, and more. That’s really cool since it provides each member of your family their very own virtual Echo Show 8.

Before you close the setup, I also recommend activating Adaptive Content, which modifies the screen’s content according to your distance from the device using “on-device computer vision technology” according to what Amazon describes it.

If you own an Echo Show 8 from the previous generation, you may have noticed that the design hasn’t been updated. This shares many similarities with its predecessor, albeit there are a few minor adjustments. For instance, the speaker cabinet’s corners and sides aren’t flush with the display on the back, which makes it unusual. Depending on your tastes, it may or may not be a beneficial alteration in terms of appearance.

Additionally, you’ll see that the camera has been shifted to the centre from the right side, which should be useful for video conversations. It weighs 1.034g rather than 1.037g, which is a very minor reduction. Lastly, the display now includes edge-to-edge glass, which gives it a more streamlined appearance from the front.

But you’ll be let down if you were expecting to get an upgraded display along with a camera. The 8-inch, 1,280 x 800 display and the 13MP camera remain unchanged, as does the wide bezel surrounding it, giving it a somewhat antiquated appearance. The passive bass radiator 2-inch neodymium stereo speakers are likewise the same, however Amazon did enhance the sound quality by improving the sound frequency representations, which I will discuss later.

Although I have only had a week to use the Echo Show 8 (3rd generation), I can already tell that it feels incredibly sturdy and well-made. I can’t testify to the build quality of the device. Additionally, 29% of its ingredients are recycled. Though it’s not yet as eco-friendly as Apple’s array of products, it’s progressing.

Many individuals feel uneasy about having security cameras in their homes, so if you want to activate home monitoring but still have the option to switch it off or not have footage when you’re on the phone, you can easily access the camera privacy shutter. The volume buttons and the mic/camera on/off button are located next to it.

Work: 4.5 out of 5

Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd Generation): Execution

Quick and receptive
Fantastic features that function wonderfully, such as adaptive content
loud music and a fantastic presentation
When it first launched, Amazon claimed that their AZ2 Neural Network Engine was powered by an octa-core SoC. When it comes to processing requests and Alexa’s replies, this enhanced processor is meant to be forty percent quicker than its predecessor.

I can tell you that this Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) seemed like a game changer after putting up with the Echo Show 5’s (2nd gen) poor processing for at least a year, even though I couldn’t make a straight performance comparison with its predecessor because I haven’t tested that myself. Whether I ask Alexa to switch on my smart lights, translate anything into another language, or set up a video conference with a friend, this device responds quickly. Even faster than my Echo Show 5 (2nd gen), which usually takes at least a minute to load and start a movie on Amazon Prime Video, it did so in a matter of seconds.

The touchscreen exhibits equivalent responsiveness. When I press buttons and links on my Echo Show 5 (2nd gen), I usually have to wait a few seconds. It doesn’t even react to my taps sometimes. However, this isn’t the situation. Every tap is tracked and promptly handled.

In relation to the display, it might not have received an update, but this iteration doesn’t really need one. I can watch movies and TV shows on it or view my security camera footage easily without having to squint because of its sharp, clear pictures and bright screen. Though the brightness somewhat compensates for that, I wish it weren’t so reflecting.

Additionally, new features like Adaptive Content and Visual ID arrive really quickly. The camera does need a moment or two to interpret what it is seeing and adjust, but not long enough for you to become agitated. Although I did discover that the Adaptive Content typically doesn’t transition to Minimal (the large image and text format) until I’m a little more than five feet away, I still really enjoy these two capabilities because they explicitly address your visual needs. Furthermore, that cannot be altered in the settings.

The camera is the one feature I wish Amazon had improved, though. The camera is the same as the one on the previous version, and although it produces some good film, it is not what I would call sharp in this day and age. Although having that choice would have been wonderful, it’s unlikely that most users would use this for business meetings or other video conversations that need high-resolution audio.

It also retains the auto-framing feature from its predecessor, which means that while you’re on a video chat, it will follow you around the room and zoom and pan as needed. However, this feature also feels a little bit slower than on a lot of the webcams I’ve tested. Once more, it’s not too horrible—in fact, it’s really intuitive. How appropriately it frames things given your proximity and location astounds me. For example, as I go a bit farther away, it really centres me instead of just zooming out, making the area above my head smaller. It still operates a little bit slowly, though.

It sounds really good. The speakers have a high frequency response and can reach up to 50% loudness, which is actually loud enough to fill a one-bedroom flat. Although I wouldn’t describe it as an audiophile experience, it is superior to the enormous soundbar I have in my living room. If you’re hosting a party, you can utilise it as your main speaker because it also has a respectable bass response.

In essence, the Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd generation) is a one-stop shop for all of your household demands as well as your smart home requirements.

Execution: 4.5 out of 5


Scorecard for the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 8: Features, Notes, Rating, Price Although it’s not a cheap smart display, your money is definitely well spent on this one. 4 / 5 Design Although there hasn’t been a complete redesign, there have been significant improvements and modifications that elevate this generation over the prior one. 4.5 / 5 Performance It produces excellent images and sounds and is quite responsive. 4.5% of 5
If you require a smart home hub to control all of your devices, purchase it.

Put smart speakers away. With the help of this smart home display, you can do much more than just manage your gadgets. You can watch shows, show off your favourite recipes, make video chats to loved ones, and much more. It basically increases the capability of smart speakers.

You want to be able to enjoy using your smart display.

Indeed, the Echo Show 5 exists, but it’s primarily intended as a backup smart display or for use in bedrooms and dorm rooms at colleges. This one works better in your home office or as your primary monitor. With that large screen, it’s also more ideal for use in the kitchen.

If you’re on a very tight budget, don’t buy it.

There are alternatives available if you truly can’t afford to pay more than $100 / £100 on a smart home appliance. If, on the other hand, you simply don’t have the funds at this time, I would advise saving up or waiting for a Black Friday sale. You should do this.

Avoid jumping on the bandwagon of smart homes.

It’s understandable if you’re not computer savvy, but if your lack of trust in smart home appliances is the only thing holding you back, you’ll fall behind.

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