Samsung offers free limitless cloud storage to enthusiasts of the Galaxy

 Samsung offers free limitless cloud storage to enthusiasts of the Galaxy.

You have just thirty days to store your files.

Users of Samsung devices will soon have the option to “save and transfer” an infinite quantity of data—but only for a limited time.

As promised, Samsung Cloud will keep your files on Temporary Cloud Backup “for up to 30 days from the date” of the original save. You are free to restore your data at any moment throughout that period. People will receive notice from Samsung seven days prior to the deadline expiring. Everything will be immediately removed after that.

For each user account, the corporation does provide 15 GB of free cloud storage. It is restricted to original source content, though. This limitation does not apply to Temporary Cloud Backup since it allows third-party applications in addition to “photos, videos, audio [files, and] documents.” Furthermore, moving content doesn’t require a “PC or any external memory device.”

Samsung offers free limitless cloud storage to enthusiasts of the Galaxy
Samsung offers free limitless cloud storage to enthusiasts of the Galaxy

Short space saver

The Maintenance Mode tool and the General Management settings menu are where you’ll find Temporary Cloud Backup. Users can choose what they wish to save in Samsung’s cloud, as seen in the image below (though there are some restrictions that we’ll get into later). You’re done if you give the software ample time to complete the upload. You can restore the batch whenever you’d like.

As to the statement, this function can guarantee the security of your data in case your phone gets stolen or is taken to a repair shop. Galaxy owners won’t have to be concerned about misplacing vital information. Additionally, you can store files on the tool “before performing a full reset” or moving them to an alternative smartphone. It is quite versatile.

According to Samsung, after the update is released, you will have the option to set up Temporary Cloud Backup whenever you purchase a new Galaxy phone. If you choose not to, you are not required to set up the functionality. It’s always possible to do it later.


There are now a number of limitations.

“No total storage limit” applies, but individual files can’t be larger than 100GB. To move content, you will require a Wi-Fi connection but not a computer. Additionally, you need to have a Galaxy tablet or smartphone that is “running on One UI 6,” which isn’t available yet as of this writing. When One UI 6 will go out of beta is unknown. On the Samsung Korean forums, a moderator asserts that the tech giant “is conducting a final inspection” of the device. The beta will proceed to an official release following that.

This autumn, Temporary Cloud Backup will be available everywhere, “beginning with Galaxy S and Z series smartphones” in South Korea. When it will arrive in the US, UK, Australia, or any other nation is unknown. We did however inquire. If we hear back, we’ll update this story.

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