Release information, gameplay, and recent news for Spider-Man 2 on the PS5

Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 will launch on the PS5 next month

The release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is just around the corner, so very soon everyone will be playing the next chapter in Peter Parker’s tale. Since it’s exclusive to the PlayStation 5, it might feel significantly improved over its forerunners.

The sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man and its follow-up, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, will let PS5 users meet a brand-new cast of foes. Kraven the Hunter and Venom will be prowling the streets of New York, but more significantly, Peter Parker is seen in the Symbiote Suit in the most current game trailer. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should be a contender for our list of the greatest PS5 exclusives whenever it is released.

What is known thus far about Spider-Man 2 PS5 is listed below. This covers the first gameplay trailer in detail, the most recent information, including whether Spider-Man 2 is a PS5-only title, and an examination of the size of the world this time around. This page will be revised as new information becomes available.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PS5: the gist

It is what? The critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel
When will it be released? 20 October 2023
What can I use to play it? PS5


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will debut on the PS5 on October 20, 2023. Given that the game had previously been planned for a Fall 2023 date, this is around when we had anticipated it to release. It has some tough competition because Super Mario Bros. Wonder also debuts on that day.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will only be available on the PlayStation 5; it will not be released on the PlayStation 4. This was verified by PlayStation via a Tweet

A normal edition and a digital deluxe version of the game, both of which include a variety of in-game cosmetics and add-ons to enhance your experience, are now available for pre-order as of June 16. Check out our list of Upcoming PS5 Exclusives for more information on more PS5 Exclusives that will be released soon.


Despite Spider-Man 2 being specifically stated as a PlayStation exclusive, there is a chance it may someday be released on PC. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are already available on the PC, and Sony has recently been bringing an increasing number of its first-party games to the platform. However, this probably won’t occur for at least a year after its first release.


The most recent trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 debuted on September 14, 2023, during the Sony State of Play event. Our greatest gameplay preview to date was provided by it, which chose to highlight the open-world action and the numerous suits that would be present. Examine it below:

Although we’ve scattered a few Spider-Man 2 clips across this post, you can visit the official PlayStation YouTube account to view every trailer and developer diary that has been made public so far.


Fortunately, we have enough gameplay from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to examine. The main selling point in this situation is that Spider-Man as played by Peter Parker can use the symbiote suit, earning him the moniker “acrobatic improviser.” Additionally, it looks that new fighting skills have been added, such as a powerful slam attack that may eliminate numerous adversaries at once.

Regarding traversal, we observed that Miles and Peter both wear wing suits this time, which have been proven to let you go more quickly than before. These may be chained easily with web-swinging and are used to ride air currents in the trailer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 generally appears to offer a considerable update on the gameplay included in the previous two games, based on what we’ve seen and what has been confirmed. The brutality of warfare and the new suit’s raw might are given more weight.

The traditional fighting and traversal mechanics are intended to be given new twists by new skills and equipment. Additionally, it has been stated that Peter’s skills will depend on how you approach the game, which is an intriguing twist.


Most people are not surprised that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will once again take place on Manhattan Island in New York; nevertheless, the setting has been slightly enlarged. Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens will all be included, enlarging the overall scope of the map.

In the game’s 2023 teaser, Kraven may be seen deciding to leave the jungle in order to find new prey in New York. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 probably begins here.

Peter Parker has at some time obtained the symbiote suit and is employing it in the course of his regular Spider-man responsibilities. This time, Miles Morales is also present and is evidently aware of how Peter seems to be altering as a result of the symbiote suit. We’re still unsure of how everything fits together, and we’re still puzzled as to how Peter came to own the suit.

Harry Osbourne is seen floating in a tank at the conclusion of Marvel’s Spider-Man, encircled by what appears to be a symbiote. Venom will undoubtedly play a significant role in the game, but it’s not yet clear how events will develop from Harry to Peter to Venom.

We do, however, know that Kraven has other targets throughout the game besides the Spider-Men. He’s obviously looking for more superpowered individuals, like Taskmaster and Wraith (who might actually be Yuri Watanabe). With a release date now set, hopefully we’ll learn more about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s story shortly.


Venom and Lizard’s new character posters have been made public.
New character posters for Lizard and Venom have been released by Insomniac. These provide us new perspectives on the new bad guys, and they undoubtedly appear formidable.

On the PS5, Spider-Man 2 will demand 98GB of storage.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 special editions have already started to arrive, according to Gamesradar. The file size for the game is listed in text on the back of retail boxes. According to reports, it is twice as large as the previous game at 98GB.

Combat in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can be slowed down.
The accessibility features for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have been upgraded by Sony. Now that it’s been explained, players will have the option of slowing the game down at any time to speeds of 70%, 50%, or 30%.

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 will have additional information
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 received its own panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which was a fantastic treat for fans. The voice actors during the session shared some tantalising tidbits about the plot in addition to a brand-new story trailer.

Now that we know, we may assume that Miles Morales will be applying to colleges while playing the game, and that he will run into the evil Mr. Negative from the original game. Additionally, we know that the plot will begin nine to ten months after Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ events and that fan favourite blustery journalist J. Jonah Jameson will have resumed his position as the Daily Bugle’s editor.

A new Spider-Man-themed PS5 package with a chic Venom-themed look was also unveiled during the event.

That is all there is to know about Spider-Man 2 on PS5. Visit our New PS5 games schedule for more information on this year’s most anticipated PlayStation 5 game releases. There’s also our look at the top PS5 games.

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