The Google Pixel Watch 2 is smarter and has better battery power.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 now has a modified look, additional power, and a number of intelligent functions.

What’s the premise?

The Google Pixel Watch 2 has arrived, offering ‘all-day’ use with a much-appreciated increase in battery life. And it packs a tonne of clever features into its elegant appearance.

The Pixel Watch 2 is currently available for preorder, and shipments will begin on October 12. The Wi-Fi variant costs $349/£349/AU$549, and the LTE version costs $399/£399/AU$649, respectively.

What specific information do I require?

The Pixel Watch 2 has been improved by Google; while it retains the most of the outside appearance of its predecessor, there have been a few small design changes, such as the use of additional recycled aluminium to make the watch addition to a thinner glass cover.

The smartwatch now features an internal chipset that is more powerful, and the battery life has been increased to allow for a full day of use. The watch can now be charged to 50% of its capacity in 30 minutes thanks to better charging.

But the Pixel Watch 2’s software features represent the largest upgrades. Google Assistant can better handle health-related queries, such as using sleep data to answer questions about how well a wearer slept, and Wear OS 4 comes with more native apps like Gmail and Google Calendar that can be used directly on the smartwatch.

Speaking of sleep, a new skin-temperature sensor can provide better information on things like tracking sleep by more accurately reading the heat of a person’s skin. A pair of new sensors have also enhanced heart-rate tracking. Additional intelligent features include body reaction monitoring to identify indicators of stress, automatic exercise detection, and smart coaching features like haptic feedback to encourage runners to keep pace.


For those who work out alone, the new Safety Check function lets you set a timeframe for particular circumstances in which you would want your friends or family to be aware of your location. When the countdown runs out, Safety Check will ask you whether everything is alright and if you want to start sharing your location or call emergency services. Safety Check will initiate Emergency Sharing, which will communicate your current position and circumstances with your pre-selected emergency contacts, if it receives no answer.

How do we feel about it?

Given that Google has improved upon the formula for a wristwatch that is both attractively designed and competitively priced, our initial impressions of the Pixel Watch 2 are favourable.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 and other similar devices won’t be bothered by it. However, the Pixel Watch 2 might be worth keeping an eye on for those considering purchasing their first wristwatch and who already own one of the top Android phones (or really any Android phone) – check back with TechRadar for our complete review, which will be published soon.

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