The greatest cheap smartwatch of 2023:Great wearable technology at an affordable price

The greatest cheap smartwatch of 2023:Our picks for the top affordable smartwatches

The top budget smartwatch models let you monitor your fitness and health right from your wrist and cost less than the more expensive premium ones. While some of them make trade-offs in order to reduce pricing to levels that are acceptable, others are a couple of years old but still function just as well.

Even if the greatest smartwatches, like the Apple Watch Ultra 2, may provide more capability, not everyone needs all of the extra functions. A cheap watch will work just as well if all you want to do is run a 10K around your neighbourhood park. You don’t really need a high-end wearable unless you plan to regularly take ECGs, prepare for an ultramarathon, or spend your days hiking in the wilderness.

Even while the Google Pixel Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may tempt you, the top affordable smartwatches listed below will serve your needs just as well. Although at lower price points, you do have to choose which functions matter most, as they won’t all be offered on a single device, many of these affordable smartwatches can also include essential features like GPS, heart rate tracking, or a gorgeous, responsive screen.

We’ve evaluated the majority of smartwatches available, so even if it’s a budget model, we have a decent idea of what makes a good one work. See some of the top Android smartwatches and smartwatches for iPhones in our list of the best affordable smartwatches below.

The top affordable smartwatch 2023
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the Apple Watch SE 2

The top budget smartwatch created by Apple

SPECIFICATIONS-OS: See OS 9iOS compatibility Screen: (40mm) 1.53 inches (44mm) 324 × 394 pixels 368 x 448 pixels, 1.78 inchesS8 processor32GB of onboard storage The battery lasts for 18 hours. Charging method: USB to magnetic chargerWR50 CIP rating Available devices with Bluetooth 5.3 and GPS + Cellular connectivity
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REASONS TO BUY + page. Apple Watch looks like a typical slick Apple Watch +GPS enabled +New vehicle collision detection +Latest watch OS CAUTIONARY FACTORS

-Costlier than the majority of items on the list -No ECG -No always-on screen
This is the greatest choice for iPhone owners searching for a future-proof fitness watch that isn’t too pricey, even though it is more expensive than most of the other affordable entries on this list. As the least priced watch in Apple’s portfolio. It is ‘nylon-infused’ at the back, making it largely constructed of fabric to save weight (the new 40mm Apple Watch SE is around 13% lighter than the previous iteration, and 18% lighter than the 41mm Series 8).and price.

This is one of the best inexpensive smartwatches for runners because the screen is still as durable as ever and it has the same fantastic watch OS 9 as its more expensive counterparts. These features include on-wrist running power, vertical oscillation, and other crucial metrics for runners (which even Garmin can’t do without an HRM yet). Other fitness-related features include stroke counts for swimmers who take their fitness seriously and the ability to close your rings while moving, whether that be outside or through the use of Apple Fitness+, to which you also have access.

Crash detection, which can register impacts and instantly alert emergency personnel in the event of an accident, is one of the additional health benefits you receive. GPs and GPS+Cellular are also available in two sizes, depending on your requirements.

Versa 2 Fitbit-best smartwatch

The most affordable wristwatch for general fitness is the Fitbit Versa 2

SPECIFICATIONS-Fitbit’s OSCompatible with iOS and Android1.37 inches, 300 x 300Processor: None2.5 GB of onboard storageBattery life: approximately five daysMagnetic connection pin as a charging mechanismIP class: WR50Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity

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REASONS TO BUY + page.Better and more lightweight construction + Always-on display option + Longer battery life
REASONS TO AVOID -No GPS -No Spotify offline playback

The Fitbit Versa 2 is evidence that less expensive smartwatches can compete with some of the more expensive versions. It may be an older smartwatch at this time, having been replaced by the Versa 3 and Versa 4 in 2020 and 2022, but it is still one of the finest inexpensive smartwatches due to its abundance of fantastic features that frugal fitness fanatics may enjoy.

During our testing, we discovered the Versa 2 to be an almost ideal fitness tracker. With its intuitive design, even non-beginners can easily concentrate on the task at hand rather than attempting to figure out where to go to record their workouts. It’s shrewd enough to log any action lasting 20 minutes or more as exercise, even if you forget to.

Although we did discover the feature to be inconsistent during testing, having Alexa is a good perk. Additionally, as there is no GPS, you must always have your phone on you in order to reliably record location- and distance-based data anytime you are hiking or running. However, even we take our phones on hikes and runs, so this isn’t exactly a drawback.

View our comprehensive Fitbit Versa 2 review.

Amazfit Bip U Pro

An Amazfit Bip U Pro is worn by a person.

The ideal $100 or less smartwatch with GPS
SPECIFICATIONS: RTOSCompatible with iOS 10 and Android 5+.1.43-inch screen, 320 by 302Processor: NoneStorage on board: N/ABBattery life is five days.Magnetic connection pin as a charging mechanismIP score: 5 ATMBluetooth 5.0 connectivity
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PURPOSE OF BUYING +Built-in GPS + Fitness and tracking tools + Accurate sleep monitoring
REASONS TO AVOID -App sync problem -Notification control

If you are restricted to buying a smartwatch for less than $100, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is the best option. You can rely on one of their best-selling models to meet your daily activity monitoring demands because the business is renowned for its dependable and well-built inexpensive smartwatches.

The incredibly well-liked Bip U has been upgraded in this particular variant. Additionally, it has a lot of fantastic features for a cheap smartwatch, like an integrated speech assistant that works with Amazon Alexa and built-in GPS for tracking outdoors. It’s actually one of the few inexpensive wearables with GPS. Furthermore, Amazfit didn’t merely include it for the sake of having it. In our testing, we discovered that this watch’s GPS tracking performs flawlessly and produces reliable results.

Although there are many others to highlight, that inclusion to this update may be the most significant. More than 60 workouts and activities, a camera shutter, and several fitness and health functions including heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and breathing tracking are all included.

View our comprehensive Amazfit Bip U Pro review.

Forerunner 55 by Garmin

The best affordable smartwatch for runners is the Garmin Forerunner 55.

SPECIFICATIONS-Garmin’s OS Compatible with iOS 13 and Android 7+1.04-inch screen, 208 x 208Processor: None Storage on board: N/A Battery life: up to two weeks Charger type: USB-AIP score: 5 ATM Wireless 2.4GHz connection

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REASONS TO BUY +Exercise advice +Recovery time advice +Well-designed controls
Avoid due to: -Relatively poor resolution display -Absence of an on-watch sleep widget
There are regular smartwatches and running-specific smartwatches. The Apple Watch SE 2 is outperformed in terms of price and functionality for runners by the Garmin Forerunner 55, which is the finest inexpensive wristwatch on the market. It’s an entry-level model that costs significantly less than other high-tech running smartwatches, but it has a clever design that elevates it above a simple fitness tracker and is user-friendly for beginning users.

The new workout suggestions proved to be the most helpful throughout our tests because they not only inspire beginners but also broaden their options for workouts and help them find new ones. It’s also great to take the advised break after a workout.

Of course, it has Garmin’s excellent on-board GPS, which is designed exclusively for runners. In our tests, it promptly established a lock and accurately logged a three-mile path. That is in addition to the various tools that are offered expressly to assist you in improving as a runner.

Check out our comprehensive Garmin Forerunner 55 review.

G1 Garmin Descent

The finest inexpensive diving watch is the Garmin Descent G1.
SPECIFICATIONS-Garmin’s OS Compatible with iOS and Android0.9-inch, 176×176-pixel display Processor: None Storage on board: N/A Ba battery life of up to 48 days USB-A charging clip as a charging method IP score: 10 ATMANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity

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PURPOSE OF BUYING +a great smartwatch for everyday use with dive-specific functions +a great deal cheaper than alternative choices
REASONS TO AVOID THEM Insufficient power compared to diving computersStill fairly pricey if you only want a smartwatch.
The Garmin Descent G1 is a highly recommended smartwatch for divers searching for a more cheap solution, even if we haven’t yet reviewed it. There’s a good reason why dive watches aren’t cheap, but this model from Garmin gives budget-conscious and beginning divers a choice that’s almost half the cost of its competitors while still featuring a wide range of dive-specific functions.

This includes the display, which is exceptionally clear, especially in dive mode, the leak-proof buttons, and a dive rating of up to 100 metres. There are a number of diving modes available as well, including freedive and apnea hunt modes. You may access important diving data on the LCD, including a 3-axis compass, depth, deco-stop specifications, and residual nitrogen.

You will also discover lifestyle-specific functions like health monitoring, biometric tracking, and sleep monitoring because this is more of a lifestyle-slash-dive smartwatch hybrid. The battery life is the best part, lasting 25 hours when diving and up to four months when worn as a smartwatch just.

How to pick the ideal affordable smartwatch for you
In addition to the price, it’s critical to confirm the smartwatch’s compatibility with your phone because, for instance, some smartwatches are incompatible with iPhones. The features and battery life are other factors.

The best inexpensive smartwatch for running should be purchased if you are a runner because it will include functions that other watches may not have about jogging. A longer battery life is vital if you need to track your sleep because you don’t want to have to charge it twice a day.

You shouldn’t anticipate finding the most recent Apple or Samsung flagships on the list because those tend to have considerably higher price tags and are therefore out of most people’s price ranges. However, as we just established, the term “cheap” might vary. A budget smartwatch for divers will be much more expensive than a cheap normal smartwatch. When considering your options, bear that in mind.

How do we evaluate smartwatches?

Our smartwatch experts have more than enough knowledge to know exactly what makes them tick and what constitutes an outstanding pick, even though not every smartwatch on our list has been thoroughly evaluated by us.

But we have put those that we have examined to the test. We wear each cheap smartwatch as our own for around a week to make sure it is thoroughly tested in the real world. Additionally, we thoroughly examine all of its capabilities, or at least the most crucial ones, and use them in various ways over several days to get a clear picture of how well the battery performs. Once we have all the necessary details, we evaluate the product’s value and pricing to determine whether it is worthwhile to suggest to readers.

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