The new power stations from Duracell include robust batteries and can charge a variety of gadgets.

The new power stations from Duracell include robust batteries and can charge a variety of gadgets.

supports drones, wearables, smartphones, and computers

Two new portable power stations designed to resemble Duracell batteries have been released. These power stations may be used to charge your laptop, smartphone, and smartwatch. Drones can even be charged by them.

Let’s start with the smaller of the two: the Duracell M150 weighs roughly two pounds and measures 3.1 inches broad by 6.4 inches tall. A 25,000 mAh battery that can provide 150W of electricity over a wired connection is located inside. Its charging lid can transmit 15W of power wirelessly. Yes, we said lid because when you open it, a small compartment to hold USB connections is revealed. If your phone has MagSafe charging, the top can extend to a full 110 degrees, allowing you to attach and orientate it at the perfect viewing angle for films.

According to Duracell, the tiltable lid itself lacks a phone magnet. That will have to be provided by you. The manufacturer states that “external rings are available for purchase,” yet the official website doesn’t appear to have any.

On the back of the M150 are two USB-A and two USB-C connections, together with a charging base. A 360-degree dimmable ring light is located near the top. According to Duracell, users may use the light as a regular lamp or to “brighten your face for important digital meetings.”

How it functions

In order to recharge the M150’s energy reserves, you must first connect it to either its base or “directly into a wall outlet using a USB-C cord.” According to the firm, recharging using a wall outlet takes roughly two hours, while recharging via a dock takes roughly 2.5 hours. You can then take the station with you after detaching it from there.

The fascinating thing about the M150 is that, based on the gear attached to it, it can provide a specific quantity of charges. For instance, it can fully charge a laptop just once, but it can recharge smartphones six times. Drones get four charges, tablets get three, and smartwatches get fifty. What we are interested in finding out is if the station’s functionality is impacted by connecting numerous devices.

Assume you link an Apple Watch, MacBook, and iPhone to the M150. In that case, can the MacBook be fully recharged by the station, or is the presence of so many more devices affecting its performance? We asked Duracell this question as well as a few others. We were interested in learning if an overseas launch was planned and if selling smartphone magnetic bands was being considered. An update to this article will be provided later.

larger and perhaps superior
The M250 is somewhat larger than the M150, although it performs similarly. It weighs 4.5 pounds and has dimensions of 5 x 10.4 inches. With 60,000 mAh, the internal battery is also more robust. Its tethered connection allows it to supply 250W of power, while its wireless performance remains unchanged. Along with an outlet for power cords, the M250 maintains the same assortment of USB ports.

This station can provide longer charging times because of the larger battery. Smartphones can now hold fourteen charges, laptops three, drones nine, and smartwatches up to hundred. The M150 power station is now available for $200 on the Duracell website. The M250 costs $300 at retail.


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