There could be two significant health-tracking updates for the Apple Watch 10

There could be two significant health-tracking updates for the Apple Watch 10.
Including noteworthy updates for those with sleep apnea

According to the most recent reports, the Apple Watch 10 (or potentially the Apple Watch X) will have a fresh design and several major new functions when it launches at some time in 2024.

Bloomberg (via MacRumors) has a thorough overview of Apple’s intentions for its Apple Health platform, and they mention that “hypertension and sleep apnea detection for the watch” are among the features planned for its 2024 smartwatches.

According to the article, blood pressure monitoring will be more basic than with a dedicated gadget. Users will be able to record what was going on at the time and receive an alarm when their blood pressure is heading upward.

When it comes to blood pressure, Apple Watch 10 wearers will still be advised to see a doctor, and the device itself won’t be able to diagnose anything. Bloomberg claims that this “mix of trepidation and ambition” represents Apple’s current overall health approach.

Certain elements are farther away

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Regarding the Apple Watch 10’s sleep apnea detection feature, it will use breathing and sleeping patterns to attempt and determine when the situation might be serious before once more urging the user to consult a healthcare provider.

According to Bloomberg, work is still being done to incorporate non-invasive blood glucose monitoring into the Apple Watch. This function would be incredibly helpful for those with diabetes, but it probably won’t be available for a few years.

Bloomberg has previously revealed that a smaller form factor overhaul of the Apple Watch 10 is planned. The wearable’s ability to monitor blood pressure has also been speculated about for years; the most recent leak indicates that it may debut in 2024 or 2025.

Thus, even though these rumours aren’t entirely new, we haven’t before heard about them in such depth. If Apple launches its products in 2024 according to plan, September should see the release of the Apple Watch 10 (perhaps without the Apple Watch Ultra 3).


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