There’s a travel-friendly bonus coming shortly for the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

There’s a travel-friendly bonus coming shortly for the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

No longer lost in translation

With a variety of adjustable functionalities, the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is capable of doing a lot. We can now include one more gadget on the list that can come in handy for you while you’re on a foreign trip.

Although it’s not included in Apple’s official release notes for the latest iOS 17.2 beta, 9to5Mac has noticed that the Action Button now has translation assigned to it. This implies that you can instantly begin translating any text, speech, or image directly from your iPhone by pressing a single button.

Better still, rather than launching the Translate app, the Action Button initiates a translation session in the Dynamic Island. When you’re on the run, that ought to make things a little quicker and simpler.

The iPhone‘s Neural Engine allows everything to be done on-device, so you don’t have to worry about your voice being transferred to Apple’s servers.

With the upcoming addition to the Action Button, ten distinct actions will be possible for it to accomplish. These are the following:

Turn on or off silent mode (the default).
Put the focus mode on.
Get the Camera app open.
Activate the torch.
Make a voice memo.
Get the Magnifier app open.
Utilise a shortcut
Introduce a feature for accessibility.
Act inertly
Now start translating.
The Action Button’s ability to only execute one action at a time remains a limitation even with this array of features. For example, you cannot double-tap it to do a separate action. This is not default behaviour, though some savvy users have figured out how to assign numerous actions to it.

Nevertheless, there is hope that the Action Button’s functionality will grow over time as Apple has made it apparent that it wants to add more capabilities to it. We’re hoping for more updates in the future, since the capability to perform different actions based on how many times you click the button could likely be enabled by a software update.

Furthermore, the Action Button is unquestionably more practical than the previous mute toggle. Let’s hoping Apple continues to develop it with a tonne of fresh and intriguing concepts.



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