Top Steam Deck games of 2023: the best selection for Valve’s portable system

Top Steam Deck games of 2023: the best selection for Valve’s portable system:The greatest Steam Deck games are right at your fingertips.

With the release of the much-loved Valve handheld platform, the greatest Steam Deck games bring your favourite PC gaming experiences to your fingertips.

From chic independent releases to well-known blockbusters, this platform has a wide selection of games, many of which are listed among our top PC games. However, if you don’t know where to begin, it can be a little intimidating at first due to the sheer number of titles available on this incredible handheld.

Although not all games can be played on the Steam Deck, you can quickly and easily find out which ones you can play with Valve’s certified system. Sadly, this method isn’t always correct. While some titles that haven’t been categorised yet still function well on the Deck, we’ve discovered games that were marked as “Playable” when they weren’t.

Therefore, there’s no need to search any more to find out which games are essential to have and which ones you can play on a Steam Deck. Discover which games you should download immediately by reading on.

2023’s top Steam Deck games

Miami HotlineĀ 

Miami Hotline
Miami Hotline

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Hotline Miami is a top-down, extremely violent video game with an equally bizarre plot and amazing soundtrack. It’s similar to a neon-colored fever dream. Its compelling gameplay loop makes it ideal for the Steam Deck as well.

In an alternate 1980s Miami, you take on the role of an anonymous assassin assigned by an enigmatic voice to eliminate Russian crime figures. You will die a lot, but as you become familiar with the levels and can restart instantly, you’ll keep going back for more. Although it’s been out for a while, we still play it frequently when using the Steam Deck because it’s so inexpensive on Steam. If you enjoy the original game and want something different to play with, you should definitely install the equally addicting sequel.

Why It’s so great

The replayability of Hotline Miami is what makes it so great, especially when you can use the Steam Deck to play it on the fly. If you’re looking for some high stakes action, this game is a must-add to your Steam Deck library because it’s immensely fun and has never lost its charm.


A cute isometric adventure game is called Tunic
A cute isometric adventure game is called Tunic

A cute isometric adventure game is called Tunic. As a young fox embarking on a grand adventure, you will explore dungeons and battle creatures along the way. This game is quite charming, and because of its clear Legend of Zelda influence, it’s perfect for portable play.

Furthermore, one of the main disadvantages of the Steam Deck is that, although some PlayStation and Xbox games are available on PCs via Steam, Nintendo titles cannot be officially played. This is as close to doing that as you can go with Tunic, and you’ll have the same kind of innocent joy from diving into its material as you would from any top-tier DS title.

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Why It’s so great

Tunic is an extremely creative isometric puzzle game that constantly tests your ability to think creatively as you progress through its levels. Though the puzzles may keep you up at night trying to figure them out, the satisfaction you feel when you finally unlock something is unrivalled.


Dredge has been one of the most played games on our Steam Deck lately because of its eerie atmosphere, beautiful graphics, and fascinating gameplay loop. Even while it’s only a straightforward fishing game at first, when night sets, things gradually get darker. We won’t give away any surprises, but the game employs some cunning techniques to make nighttime sailing uncomfortable, if not frightening at times. As a result, you’ll be anxiously watching the clock to make sure you return to a pier before dark.
Fish collection and storage is an enjoyable activity that will entice you to return time and time again. It works incredibly well on the Steam Deck. There will be plenty of content for you to work through when its first DLC releases in November. We heartily endorse this game.

Why It’s so great

A menacing addition to every gamer’s collection is Dredge. Its unique material will keep you on the edge of your seat even if it initially appears to be a very innocent indie release. It is one of our favourites since it raises your fight-or-flight response without overtly drawing attention to itself.

Mania Sonic

One of our favourite Steam Deck games to play is Sonic Mania,
One of our favourite Steam Deck games to play is Sonic Mania,

One of our favourite Steam Deck games to play is Sonic Mania, which is a tribute to the beloved 16-bit Sonic games. If you believe that Sonic Mania resembles a more powerful Sega Game Gear, then Valve’s handheld game confirms that observation.

This is one of the greatest games Sega has released in a long time and it confirms that Sonic is best played in 2D. It takes the classic graphics and soundtrack from Sonic’s Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, for those of us who lived in countries with better names) and mixes it with some contemporary twists.

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Why It’s so great

Fans of the series will undoubtedly fall in love with Sonic Mania because it offers everything you could ever expect from a Sonic game. Once you pick it up, it’s difficult to put down because it’s colourful, entertaining, and distinctly Sonic.

Strange West

Among the games on this list that are the newest and most distinctive is Weird West. This atmospheric isometric simulation blends Lovecraftian horror with traditional Western motifs. It controls and looks fantastic on the 7-inch screen of the Steam Deck.

Weird West is a great option if you want a game that will surprise, amuse, and startle you throughout your commute.

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Why It’s so great

Weird West is a worthwhile game to play because it’s a very distinctive gaming experience. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already because it exudes charm and will startle and surprise you in the greatest ways.

The God of War


The way Kratos was reimagined in God of War stunned us all when it debuted on the PlayStation 4. He was a sombre parent who had been transferred to Norse mythology, rather than an extravagant action hero straight out of Greek myth. It was a masterwork, and one of Sony’s best PlayStation games due to its deeper, more mature tale and amazing graphics.

God of War, which is currently playable on Steam, is another outstanding example of the Steam Deck. Given that this visually ambitious game runs on Valve’s handheld, it demonstrates the device’s capabilities. It’s still best played on a large screen because of its dramatic plot, but it’s a fantastic game to showcase the Steam Deck.

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Why It’s so great

If you want to lose yourself in a retelling of mythology, God of War is a must-see, and it sounds fantastic on the Steam Deck. If you haven’t played this game yet, you really should because it’s easy to get lost in it when you’re not plugged in to a couch and home console.

Handsome Cuphead

Inspired by vintage cartoons from the 1930s, Cuphead is a 2D run-and-gun boss rush game with a hint of platforming and a flawless jazz soundtrack. This is another Steam Deck game that’s ideal for the handheld because of its hectic, yet simple to learn gameplay, which strikes a mix between severe difficulty and a real sense of success when you finally take down a boss that’s been causing you trouble.

It works well for short bursts, and you’ll want to use it again and again in your endeavour to pay off the devil.

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Why It’s so great

Even if Cuphead can be somewhat annoying, it is entertaining. It will be a memorable experience whether you want to play it solo or cooperatively thanks to its endearing character design and immensely entertaining soundtrack.

N. Sane Trilogy of Crash Bandicoot

For those who believe that a 3D platformer is necessary for a handheld console, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the best option. Remastered versions of Naughty Dog’s iconic PlayStation titles are included in this fantastic addition to your Steam Deck collection.

These games are perfect for gamepad controls because they were originally released as console titles, and they function incredibly well with the Steam Deck. It’s a great piece of nostalgia for anyone who played these games growing up, although some of the tougher levels may frustrate more recent players.

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Why It’s so great

At some point, everyone must play Crash Banidcoot, and the N. Sane Trilogy is the recommended starting place. It’s really entertaining and still has that essential Bandicoot charm that you expect from a game in this genre.

Ring Elden

Although Elden Ring is undoubtedly the greatest game on our list, its placement at the bottom is due to the fact that it is meant to be played on a larger screen. For optimal performance, you should also set the frame rate cap at 30 frames per second, which is half of what it typically runs at.

On the other hand, using the Steam Deck to play Elden Ring can be a lot of fun. Similar to God of War, it’s exhilarating to have a game as exquisitely designed as this one operating on a portable device; it definitely outperforms most Nintendo Switch titles. Additionally, we discovered that Steam Deck is a terrific game to pick up and play when you want to farm runes (the in-game currency), even though you might not want to play the entire game on it. If you’re addicted like we are, keeping it on the Steam Deck allows you to continue getting your fix while you’re not using your computer. Any progress you make on the Steam Deck will be carried over to your gaming PC thanks to Steam’s Cloud Saves feature.

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Why It’s so great

Elden Ring is just one of the greatest games overall, not only one of the greatest Steam Deck titles. Its expansive universe will engross you, and you’ll keep returning to discover new areas. You can spend a few hours using the Steam Deck no matter where you are because of its pick-up-and-go nature.


Best Games for Steam Deck: FAQs
Should I purchase a Steam Deck in 2023?
A Steam Deck is a terrific investment if you’re often on the road but still want to play some amazing AAA titles.

Is Forza Horizon 5 compatible with Steam Deck?
You may use the default programme in the Steam store to run both Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5 on a Steam Deck.

How our list of the top Steam Deck games was created
Since many of us at TechRadar Gaming play a lot of PC games, we leaped at the possibility to play all of our favourite Steam games in a new way when the Steam Deck was released.

We also have a strong enthusiasm for fusing technology with gaming, so we welcome any opportunity to contrast the two. This implies that you can rely on our lists and that we’ve invested many hours, careful consideration, and agonising decision-making into creating them. Additionally, we’ll be updating our list of the best PS5 games frequently, so check back often for the most recent suggestions.

Try some of the finest Nintendo Switch games for more action on a handheld system. Some new adventures may also be unlocked by playing the top story games.

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