What constitutes a good mattress deal on Black Friday? 3 items to watch out for

What constitutes a good mattress deal on Black Friday? 3 items to watch out for
Here’s how to recognise a legitimate Black Friday mattress deal, so don’t be fooled.

There’s no better day than Black Friday to purchase a mattress. That’s when sleep product companies cut their costs to the lowest levels of the year. For the most part, that is. I can attest from personal experience that not all Black Friday mattress offers are created equal as a seasoned deal hunter and professional mattress tester. I also know how simple it is to become deceived by an eye-catching sale banner.

I’m going to share the three telltale indicators of a good Black Friday mattress deal with you in order to prevent you from being taken advantage of by empty promises. I’ve already listed the greatest Black Friday mattress deals to look out for this year, but if you’re considering something else in addition to what I’ve carefully chosen, you should heed my advise in order to locate the best mattress for a fair price. It’s important that you know this.


The cost of tickets has not increased.

Don’t limit your search for the finest Black Friday mattress deal to the percentage off or even the total cost. The most significant number in this case is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP. How come? Mattress list prices vary all year long, usually reaching their highest points in the summer and falling to their lowest points on Black Friday, which is the greatest day to purchase a mattress.


But overall, inflation is leading to higher MSRPs. Even though there are no historical low prices during this year’s Black Friday discounts, you can still save a sizable amount of money. Just watch out for stores who advertise significant reductions but don’t truly cut the MSRP. You can wind up paying the same (or even more) as you would during a “lesser” bargain at any other time of the year, so they aren’t real savings.

Investigating the pricing history is the greatest way to avoid this deceit. Even while it could sound overwhelming, TechRadar’s knowledgeable deal hunters monitor mattress costs all year long to ensure you’re never left in the dark. Visit our general mattress sales page for a comprehensive summary of all the discounts, or visit any of our brand-specific hubs for more in-depth information. Here are some of our guides to the regular sales of the biggest companies.

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Bundles contain things you’ll really utilise.
Mattress bundles are highly sought after on Black Friday. These often consist of a mattress protector, pillows, and/or sheets. It may seem like you’re getting a fantastic deal at first glance, but it pays to dig a little deeper.

These supplementary things frequently have inflated values. As someone who has tried and gotten free bedding, including multiple mattresses in a box, I can attest to this. Although the craftsmanship is decent, I don’t think they’re truly worth hundreds of dollars. (See my earlier post on this list on inflated costs and savings.) Additionally, even while the accessories can fit you better, they won’t be as nice as if you took the time to research the best mattress protector and pillow for your particular requirements.

Furthermore, whether the accessories are added for “free” or at a significant discount, you will still end up spending more for a bundle than you would for the mattress alone. Similar to upgrading from a sandwich to a combo meal with fries and a drink, you’ll still save some money on the sandwich by itself. Don’t buy the bargain if you don’t absolutely need the fries and drink (or in this case, the pillows and linens).

Nectar is a prime example; it used to come with a sizable complimentary bedding bundle, but these days it’s sold for less, with the opportunity to add an accessories pack at a steep discount if necessary.

All that said, a Black Friday mattress bundle sale is a convenient (albeit slightly more expensive) option if your bedding needs a thorough makeover or if you’re rearranging the size of your bed. It’s especially helpful if you choose a twin XL or California king bed, as such sizes are more difficult to get linens for.

It fits your demands and budget “just right.”
To be honest, the finest mattress deal is the one that best suits your sleeping habits, especially on Black Friday when all the retailers are trying to get your business with alluring discounts.

It’s risky to purchase a mattress only on the basis of price or brand reputation. Although you could be lucky enough to get your ideal bed that way, it’s usually disastrous for both your pocketbook and the quality of your sleep. There is no one-size-fits-all mattress. (That’s evident if you read reviews of mattresses from experts and regular consumers, which you should.)

Before selecting a mattress, be truthful with yourself and ask yourself these straightforward questions about your sleeping patterns:

Which do you prefer: sleeping on your side, back, or stomach?
Are you more of a soft or firm mattress person?
Do you often become too hot at night?
Do you experience any particular aches or pains?
Do you or your partner roll around in the bed while you share it?
After obtaining such responses, you should decide on a spending plan, but how much should you spend on a mattress? The’sweet spot’ for a good queen-sized mattress is approximately $1,000. Naturally, you can spend more or less based on what you need.

Avoid cheap mattresses (under $500 for a queen) if you want something sturdy; they are not made to last. Although spending more than $2,000 on a quality mattress will increase its longevity, it won’t always provide you with the finest sleep of your life. Be prepared to pay more for the technology if you require a speciality bed, such as a cooling mattress to prevent night sweats.


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